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That that that that that time in there again. So and whichever won't comes enforced. Like i said god god willing. I get out and get out safe on saturday night. Whoever's next i know what they was mentioned in march. I'm of from arch. Also you're going to see a lot of me you know you're gonna see a lot of me here so happy days for you. All also i know. All your looker. Easily finishes off the former title challenger with the tko in only forty seconds and hanser only his third straight tko loss. I'm just say i'll just gonna left hand. They'll have to say. I'm just gonna left shoulder. Israel a left hand and i left shoulder the so-called experts at the game when they breaking down my skill set that he was saying. I'm just a firewood. I left hand. Which is wholly disrespectful on on educated and i will be surprised at some of the so many of the supposedly knowledgeable people we just claiming that as that so. It's a good show in the clinch. Am i see you can really catch them on. So am a new car. Fours off guard and i caught one tomorrow. And when we separate the nose and the oil was boosted and a kucha of utilize that many times. Okay the lightweight title. Be there right that that that that will be there. You know you see the difference in the physique the the preparation and that and that will come back around that shot. So i'm certainly not gonna this those. Go ahead sit out and wait and wait for true true holidays and injuries and all this type of thing that goes with it so The who doesn't matter for me now it's just. I'm looking at dates now. On i know may march was there. And when i look at a calendar and see where we're at in ambler. Renzo gets back in from panama. Tuesday soto's the fine irish whiskey with iran's oil always look to do that you know. Tradition was talking with dana. So he gets back on. Tuesday vegas or i'll stay here and i'll go for dinner and toast with lorenzo and dana. And i'm sure we'll we'll chat about it. Dan and see what see what's also am. I'll be ready know. I'll have a celebration tonight. Chill with my kids tomorrow. I'll show junior to fight on the telly. See how he reacts you see what he thinks of it and then back to training you know when you take before fight you taper off for the final two weeks so if you get a quick win and then you kinda go off. Then all of a sudden they can be four weeks without a full training. You know what i mean. What a real training session. And then you're you've slipped behind again. So i'm gonna make sure not to do that and get a good session in the day after tomorrow and carry on june twenty-seventh twenty twenty ufc vegas four pori eight versus hooker. Las vegas nevada. Dustin pourri returns to the cage against searching kiwi. Dan hooker in the main event at the ufc apex in front of essential personnel. Only i honestly think with the win. Over dan hooker. I'll be one fight away from another title shot when i get into the octagon is dead across. I expect adversity to present itself and and it does. And i just know i can suffer and bush no more than most of these guys and i believe in my technique and That that's fighting is not i. Don't try to align myself with these kind of crazy ups and stuff. That's just fighting. Teddy atlas said that a fight isn't a fight into something to overcome. So you know. I i definitely been as a fight in what. Mma fighting named the third best fight of twenty twenty four defeats hooker by unanimous decision january. Twenty third twenty twenty one. You have c two fifty seven pouria versus mcgregor to abu dhabi united arab emirates.

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