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You know it doesn't wear on my soul pepe. The PIG Fuckin- pepe the pig dropped banger pimp the pick them obviously pepe pick them them pepper pig them. I I was what to say just like them with children then but no. I don't have children on I'm shelter. I know all about pepper. Pick peg kind of them. We really should not be the reason we have away in but it gives Elliott who launched launched dropped their first is pepe pig. She pepper pick identifies a girl. Yes yes sure about that. Yes yes I looked at fully looked at he launched her debut album which is called my first album honestly iconic title. I can't believe no one thought of this yet my I album by pepe pig sixteen tracks including the hit single Bing Bang Zoo and song such as expert daddy pig which I've heard it's incredible Rainbow Rainbow in balloon right expert daddy because the only one that I listened about how daddy can make anything's engineer yeah. Daddy's an engineer. Daddy can do whatever he fucking expert and that's great. That's a really nice thing to say about your Father Sir. ooh I can't believe it took pepe peg pepe the pig peg fifteen years releasing album the public bangers. Everyone's like Riano like drop album pepe PAPPA. Where's the album has been busy? She makes a T._v.. Show so pepe peppis album came out on the same day as alias album..

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