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Host of us. All you never too late to get back your job, baby. And I am here in you, all Florida British Columbia, and I've had the pleasure of being in a place where watching trust is being put on a house. So I've never had that experience today. Wait incredible watch. But the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. And as I've been sharing predispo- facility by been walking up this mountain, and I'd have a new path where I am to be like Bernard Barker, though, a very famous and real world records. Finding the highest 'bout Simpson. Seven continents. And that we may even bring them up very part of what you're going to be hearing about today and are being that it's to be shared with you. Why incredible women that I know internationally all over the world these women whole deeply, and there are the essence of it. So this episode is brought to you today by business opportunity that me ill has the chance to change your life. If you choose to learn more about an old into the story that these ladies are shared with you about this report of being and I'm way to start off with a boat that. Eight from Cornell shirt by Mark Twain, look, Mark Twain, and he said. It the language which the death in here and the blind can see. And isn't it interesting? That man y'all have senses at they lose that your body just innately steps up and your other brilliant. Really, you have this remarkable sense of doing much more. But we limit ourselves, and I'm going to speak to a little bit about my experience of being over because it's something that has always been very me. And it made for many of you on this episode reminds you of the will be forward that will be. Helen, hunt's, heaven's sakes. Haley Joel than back in the year two thousand and I feel that a lot of people once they watched that movie really brought up at sensitive for inspiration really an eye off another individual white or can I do different. And I am someone who's always in my that. I will always with very kind person, I always liked helping others in the wind that would raise three them from small town where he will help MRs Jones Walker someone wheelchairs have ultimately the story invite banner open carry the streets. Just brought is hopeless abandon a broad smile. And I always liked bringing joy to people's lives because it may be and I later after university was social worker children and one of the things that I would do. In the wintertime is most of the families that I worked with berry or and didn't have the funds to really get anything for their families environment. Goto salvation army's arisen I would get them like senior, suits and jackets pants and boots. That I felt would be fitting. I got it pretty close to what they needed, and, you know, help them out during the seasons about eight have a warm winter things like that and being on arm and are used to have like a more urgent. I mean, it was absolutely ridiculous. And you know, he had only have so much. I remember that day that you get everybody in you'd be sharing food, and that there's something about getting together in community and just bringing joy and stories in the allow that all comes out, you know, helping another human being. Though, I feel that thing does something to us when you do it truly of your hearts, a you don't you don't give or the reasons of getting something back. You you give it because you just give and all these ladies that you're going to be hearing from today. They're true giver Caesar women that out the biggest hurt some fun. It's why love ones zero late. And I know Kate Miller has released or stories accused of share with you. And that's our listeners know, what's on your heart. Arlene. Hi, everybody. This is Kate in Carmel, California eight I'm forward is very dear to my heart. And I have a few stories I love to share when was with a member of my own family, which I've just never forgotten and we were shopping, and we we had pulled up in front of the store and on the curb there was a young woman, and it was very cold outside. And she was obviously initi- had a little satchel with her and she was a homeless person. And we looked at this this woman and was my daughter who was with me and the woman had no shoes and no socks. And I remember my daughter looked at me and she had these new tennis shoes on and she just quietly took her shoes off. And walked over and said him next to the woman and gave her her shoes. And I was as a mother I was very touched deeply, but the the look on the woman's face was was what that was all about. And I just thought what a beautiful kind act to have witnessed an end to have, you know, have happened. And I had I have worked in my career for many many years without restraints. I worked in law enforcement as a counselor juvenile counselor for years. And so I did a lot of public speaking with the police department of parenting courses and things like that. And one night. I was giving a talk, and there was a sweet little woman in the audience and afterwards, she came up to me. And she said my name is Kimmy, and I want to help she said I was so moved by these stories, and so what Kimmy decided was every three months. She gave me a large check. And this was not a wealthy woman. I I know after getting to know Kimmy, I went to her house, and she just had a very sweet house regular house regular car nothing. Fancy. Her flashy at all. She said I'd like to give you this check. And I would like you to these children that you meet that live on the streets or kids in the schools that don't have lunch whatever, you know, moves you and inspires you. Would you please pay for it? And I that happened that went on for years. I don't exactly remember the number of years, but Kimmy passed away a few years ago, and it went on until until Kimmy can you passed. But some of the things I got to do were absolutely incredible. Because of this woman's heart. I, you know, one Christmas, my son, and I loaded up my truck, and we bought Christmas presents for a whole community of people that we were told had signed up on a wishlist and that their wishlist hadn't been picked up by someone. And when I was going to get Christmas trees the mantle demand at the Christmas. Tree Lodhi said where are you going with all those presents are you Santa? I said well kinda and so he loaded the rest of the truck up with trees from his lot for. Three. And then we got to go and set up the trees with the families and bring these gifts, it was such an amazing amazing experience and the whole time this woman wouldn't even let me give her name. She would just say tell me the story is tummy. What was on the kids faces and I felt twice blessed? I not only got to do it. I got to share back with with. She what her pay it forward had accomplished every summer, she we took money, and we created scholarships for kids that wanted to go to camp one year, we sent a whole troupe of girl scouts camping who were from the city and had never even been in the forest before we did scholarships in schools, I was able to keep like a little kitchen in my office and kids would come and get soup and things like that. When it was cold. We bought shoes and backpacks and in the summer, I knew that a lot of the kids that I had seen you know, they would get maybe a free meal at school. But in summer, they would have no way to get around in. Oh money. So I would go and buy a thousand dollars with the subway cards and bus passes and the last day of school. I would give those out to kids. So that I would know they would eat during the summer and the same thing when I worked in law enforcement. So this woman's heart, blessed, I'm I mean, thousands of children and families and all she ever wanted was a story about how that took place. So I felt so blessed, and I learned so much from from Kimmy about being graciously humble and paying it forward was just the most beautiful thing. And and I also wanna add this one little story because I think it's really important to to it might be able you might think. Well, she had the means to do that with. But let me share with you when I was a single mom, my son, and I were eating in this little cafe one time, and it was like a big deal to order pie. That's what that's the budget. I was on at that time. And so we had this. Yummy lunch. And so we ordered these big pieces of pie, and we're all happy. When I went to pay the Bill the waitress said, oh that gentleman over there. Hey for your lunch, and I just was so blown away, and he was cute little very elderly, man. And I walked over. And hugging nicer, thank you so much that was the sweetest thing. And he said, how did you know? It was me. And I said, well, the waitress told me he said, you know, I have a daughter, and you remind me of her, and she has a little boy. And so I would I just, you know, it meant a lot to him, and he said, my heart's so happy his words were you made my heart so happy, and I gave him a hug, and I thought what a beautiful experience. So I think paying it forward is a gift we get to give and receive those are my stories got great cake. This is Belinda from New Orleans. I also am from a small community. And I remember my dad and the neighbors all growing. Different things in their garden, and we've truly eight from our garden. I was thirteen years old before I ever knew what Cam corn was about. They were trying to poison me. So they really, you know, they would give back to the community, and they didn't have very much. So I don't think you have to have very much to to be able to give to others. I was raised that when you're blessed, you bless others. And even when you're not if you get down in the dumps if you look around and try to see who you can help than your your blast by giving just a little bit. I mean one day I was going across the lake and we have a toll bridge to go from the north shore to the south shore into New Orleans and the guy in front of me paid my toll tag. And he he wasn't flirting with me. I never even saw him. He just out when I got to the towel. He told the lady just pay Hertel behind me. And I've got it was so NATO next week. I did it the guys behind me. You know? Hopefully, they needed it. I think when you bless others. It's teaching others. How to be in how to live? We live in such a rat race world, a big stop in the how can I help somebody else when you especially when you're at your lowest does she think what am I gonna do who's going to help me turn that around and try to help somebody else? The bible orders us to give ten percent of our first fruits to God. And I'm pretty sure God good needed. But he's trying to teach us how to be you know, how to give to others and how to live our lives. God good, meet our money. He's got all the money in the world that he needs. He can do anything. So I just think paying it forward teaches other people how to live and Winston Churchill said we make a living by what we get. But we make alive. What we give. I don't think that's a good thing to live Bonn. I love that quote this piper. Also from the New Orleans area, you know, paint it for doesn't always mean that you have to have money that you're always keeping my mind. It could be just bartering doing something for someone. That's that's always been my go-to haven't been extremely wealthy financially so far in my life. But I've always had something together. Thank we all always have something to give when I was a young girl of always wanted to be philanthropists. And I used to you know, when people would ask me when I was little so what he kinda be when you grow up like a philanthropist. The funniest expressions you bubble. Look at me like. And how are you going to do that? So I've still to this. You know, more recent days, I really had no idea how I just knew that I could be a philanthropist lo and behold, I actually found something there was an opportunity that came to me too similar of a pay it forward kind of circumstance. It was quite interesting average just kind of putting this silent prayer out there. And every time it kept feeling a little worried about my finances. I just had this little boy Saint it's going to be okay. You know, something good. It's is happening. And I just knew it. I felt it. Well, that came to me one day it walked through my door. And actually, it was this opportunity actually have a business platform. I can be. There is a business platform out there that is unlike any other, and it just opened my eyes that with the purchase one nominal healthy..

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