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Twenty that is reopened into 6:35 merge southbound six thirty five is slow from late June Irving southbound one sixty one. Before the beltline exit the accident. Blocking the right lane and. The backup is to about six thousand five LBJ. Also, eastbound one eighty three in Dallas at Mockingbird stalled eighteen wheelers blocking two left. Lanes traffic's backed up eastbound one fourteen. Solid delays on two eighty seven Julian Rogers yeah the, rollover accident still going that southbound two eighty seven at Turner worn Nell this ended up being a hazmat situation that's probably why it's taken. So long to clear out but it's still backed up from I twenty and still a very good. Idea to use business to eighty seven to get home this, afternoon thirty five north at the toll lanes of the north Tarrant Parkway that's going to be heading north and just as you're merging back in with the main lanes it's closed Off. With a much earlier accident but we still got some backup it's a little bit we're still stop and go from, about fossil creek so you might consider getting off at. Beach, if you're. Heading north on thirty five w. if you stick with the main lanes you'll hit a little bit of stop and go in the, area as, well now in Carrollton westbound Bush turnpike on the ramp to thirty-five either a stall in the center lane not much slowing thankfully though. That's the good news plano northbound. Seventy five after Parker ended. Up being a medical emergency tried to push it. All, off on the right shoulder might still be just a tick slow going by. Near crossroads in Denton county three eighty. At seven twenty lights flashing red and it's taking a, long time to get through that light no matter which direction we're talking about but especially on the eastbound side and a new wreck reported. In oak cliff northbound thirty-five e at Ewing we're going to check it out I'm John little your. Next report at six fifty eight and breaking traffic alerts when, they happen.

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