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Talk radio in Dallas. Or buddy RJ choppy comes on the show to talk calbos, right? Imminence co host. I mean, they were talking about all over social media. No one looked at that play. Call thought that Jason Garrett made the right decision there. So this is what Jerry Jones came out and said, quote, we were being outplayed they're not out effort, but we were out play. But it's time for risk at that particular time, that's not second guessing. But we were taking some risks to at certain points in the game yet is second guessing you should second get your coach there because that's an idiotic play. Call. And Jason Garrett came out and today he tried to defend his decision quote. We talked about the thought process behind that. Why we made the decision like that based on how you were playing on defense in particular. And what the details of the circumstances were well, if you trusted your defense to make a stop by punting to Houston, you should trust your defense make stop giving the ball over when he fell on a fourth and one at Houston's forty two yard line. They still have to go about. Thirty yards to being comfortable field goal range. Right thirty yards. I watched that game. It wasn't as if you know, this Shawn Watson was being great wasn't. This is if Houston's offense was a juggernaut. He's just a terrible coach I hate to say. Do you think the Cowboys will be looking for a new coach at the end of the year? All right. So right, and it's going to get married. Look at the schedule versus the Jags. That's the next game win loss. Oh, they're gonna get blown out Jaguars Redskins win that they can win that give the titans titans team that lost the bills yesterday. But who also beat Jacksonville earlier this year? They beat the titans. Yep. At eagles. Probably a loss at falcons. Falcons a terrible. But that's probably a loss. Redskins again, then that saints at home or that's a loss. Eagles at home. That's probably a wide colts. Probably a loss all that much better than the call verse verse the bucks at home against the bucks to a win. That's a win at the giants. They have a relatively easy skin Nate again eight nine and they might win the NFC east with that record. But that's you can buy that off. We can't get fooled by that. Jerry jones. Houston. Texans. Got fooled into giving Bill O'Brien a new contract 'cause he kept going nine and seven in an awful AFC AFC, south Jerry Jones, a great job Dallas. Yeah. Is that a great job? No. You're not doing a great job. No. Because you have to be a yes, man. That's if you have your own personality wanna make your moves. It's not a great job think about if you have a great running back average quarterback. Well, well, we'll see. We'll see this year. Right. Young quarterback. Great offensive line. Terrible defense. Not Jalen Smith, juicy j he's a beast on my God. Is he good? Yeah. But Sean, Lee and Trobe good. Yeah. Sean Lee about Sean Lee, you don't need them anymore. You have Joan Smith the jail Smith. That kid from Boise say they draft in the first round of s. Ervin. She's all right. Demarcus Lawrence is. Yeah. Your second. Byron Jones is beat left and right by the Andre Hopkins. He was supposedly the number one ranked cornerback by pro football, focus, some of those passes that will run in the money though. Yeah. But you know, what they have no safeties, and they have a lot of holes on defense. Most teams have I have no receivers. But the Italian town your Nate Nate team. It all depends on Dak Prescott. Now, maybe I don't believe in that Prescott. I think it all this this season. All depends on the development of Dak Prescott. I wouldn't want that job. If prescott. Doesn't play well down the stretch. I don't want that job. I don't want that job. No thank. And they have no salary caps. No salary cap space. Not a good job at this point. It's a name recognition job. But it's really not a good job. All right. We do have a lot more. The Jacksonville Jaguars the Kansas City Royals, excuse me. Baseball it's gotten so ugly in the Bronx. You won't believe he's pitching now for the Yankees next going deep..

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