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Door? Today's Landen's 30th birthday, and Landon is doing an amazing amazing project. He's recording a five to seven minute video on every single book in the Bible. I have the make me cry. It's Sosa sink. So clear So impactful. They're showing them to the junior Home Ministry. I think everybody in the church should be watching them, And you can watch them on YouTube through their their free. I learned a lot about the book of judges that I certainly didn't have it at the tip of my tongue. I think they're already through Ruth. I think they're through first and second Samuel now. I think they're indications. We're doing what life's supposed to be about were savoring. These things were sharing them with our children in a way that they can share them with their children and so on and so on forever. Why? So that we will obey what has revealed. That's the end of the verse Deuteronomy twenty nine twenty nine The Secret things belonged to the Lord our God for those things which have been revealed belonged to us into our children forever that we may do all the words of this law. God's word is God's prevision for Human Happiness. This is the manufacturer specification for human happiness, and because it is. God's purpose in revealing it to us is our obedience to him. This is a game-changer, y'all Take my focus off. What I don't get to know and read, Double my focus on what is revealed. That's my mission in life to get back to our children. So that they'll get it to there's forever. Let's pray together, father, We're so grateful to be in your house were so grateful to be in this family, this church or so. Grateful to you for the things that you're doing in our lives, and we confessed to you to the degree that is true. We confessed to you all of us, do our neglect of your word helpless, to read it, and study it and meditate upon it and memorize it. This book of the law shall not the part of my mouth. I'm going to meditate upon it day and night so that I can observe to do according to all that has written in it for then you will make my way prosperous. And and then you will make sure that I have good success. You've said it. I believe that that settles it. Helpless, God help us God-made always be true here and increasingly, so less on what we don't get to know more on what we're blessed to know. That is a game-changer in Jesus name A man Come on, stand up. Hey, we hear it walk in the word love to minister to you, And we have dozens of resources that can help this month. We featured a specific resource that we chose Exactly for you, check this out. Imagine yourself racing racing racing down category five Rapids We got to get something overboard, and we got a throw it down fast, or this is gonna end badly. How do you stop the circumstances of your life from becoming more than you can bear? I going to be us. I've been that person. I can theme of something to describe how choppy these waters are, how roughage has gotten, how out of control this seems. Because that person been you Is it now? And do you know of someone who's navigating choppy waters ringing Sometimes in life when we feel like a lot of things are happening beyond our control. We need to study ourselves with an anchor blitz of sure each other about the anger and they're really holds, which is your beloved by the war. And you are loved by God. For your free Don bat wrong, throwing her anger down their loved ones. It will hold. Grab hold of the anchors that hold with your donation of any amount Call now and order Our new anchored resource containing a helpful booklet by James. McDonald anchors that hold and scripture memory cards containing truth from God's word to store in your heart, and for your gift of ninety dollars. You'll also receive a sixteen message audio series called hope springs eternal along with a frame 'able art print to visually were my view that our hope is anchored in the Lord, discover more deeply, the hope that springs eternal in the person plan and promises of Jesus Christ Call eight hundred five four or five sixty eight hundred or go to James McDonald Doc Peavy right now to get these tools in your hands.

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