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They say went down with the highway patrol shot and killed a young man in a car in east Oakland over the weekend KCBS is that bigger live in the East Bay this morning met the investigators are now saying the driver of what they know was a stolen car tried to ram CHP vehicles yeah I'd stand there been reports of that almost since the very beginning but we did get confirmation of that fact from Oakland police let's go back to when this started last Saturday night CHP officers were in east Oakland investigating an unrelated shooting on highway five eighty they spotted a Dodge challenger on cherry street with stolen license plates and they pulled over that vehicle but the officers got out of their cars they say the driver of the muscle car and identified as Erick Salgado started crashing his vehicle into their patrol cars and that is when officers opened fire twenty three year old so I got it was killed and his passenger his pregnant girlfriend was injured so gado supporters have denounced the shooting in a residential neighborhood that's why we call this an execution and then they opened fire with assault rifles in the neighborhood they could have killed the children a child they could have killed any they could have shot into people's homes now that's a Hoku Jeffrey with by any means necessary investigators have also confirmed the car so I got it was driving was one of over seventy vehicles stolen from a dealership in San Leandro during that wave of looting that struck the East Bay by the way so got his girlfriend is said to be in stable condition reporting live in the East Bay Matt Bigler KCBS mad a developing situation in Paso Robles where past Robles police say swat teams are systematically searching downtown Paso Robles after gunfire broke out this morning shots were fired at the police station in Paso Robles and this is San Luis Obispo county sheriff's deputy was shot and is considered now to be in serious but stable condition the pastoral as police departments as the shooting has stopped for the last several hours but there has.

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