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That you can find the link to the full. Pdf by checking out the transcript of this episode on sdn central dot com. Which you can find a link to in this episode summary on your podcast app or researching machine learning for this episode. I spoke with dave salvator senior manager of product marketing at invidia. He informed me about many of these use cases including financial fraud detection. He said quote. We have companies like pay pal in amex. Who are using. Ai for real time fraud detection. This is a better version of fraud protection. A smarter fraud protection that operates in real time and quote so remember machine. Learning is not interchangeable term with artificial intelligence machine learning is simply a tool that. Ai programs can use to while learn new information and improve its understanding of what had already knows. The benefits of a are also clear from detecting patient's brain cancer faster to making sure syria and you understand. Each other. however challenges are still present primarily the investment of time and money into developing a functional is considerable fine-tuning its functions and making sure the ground truth it has are no small taps. And then there's the computational demand in. ai requires but tony. Nineteen report from open. I showed quote since twenty. Twelve the amount of compute used in the largest ai training runs has been increasing exponentially with a three point four month doubling time since twenty twelve this metric has grown by more than three hundred thousand times end quote some context. The report also provided used. Moore's law as a benchmark. The law proposed a two year doubling period for how many transistors would fit on a single chip open. Ai says that would yield only a seven times increase in compute demands over the observed time period. Thanks for joining me. On this week's episode of seven layers. I've been your host connor craven associate editor at sti. Central falls seven layer. So you never miss an episode in tune into our next episode where i'll be interviewing brooke. Winnick machine learning practice league at data bricks and one more thing. Sds central on twitter. Give us a follow at..

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