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This is Bloomberg market within FOX and Lisa Abramowicz. Where's your views on the municipal bond landscape? If you know anybody selling those shares so that they can run out and buy a two year treasury that whole lot of optimism around the valuation of Uber. Why would Elon Musk do this breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg expert? Picks with Pimm FOX and Lisa Abramowicz on Bloomberg radio. Coming up over the next hour. We'll take a look at p g e the northern California utility, a restructuring PG, either inner out of bankruptcy appears increasingly likely going to be talking about Samsung missing estimates and weakening demand for memory chips. But right now, let's head over to Greg Jarrett. Bloomberg business flash, Greg. Thank you. Lisa. We opened a a lot higher. In fact, the Dow have been up over three hundred points, but we've given back some of those early gains the Trump administration pointed to progress coming out of its two day trade talks with China that was credited with the early games the dollar's up treasuries are steady and crude is up toward fifty dollars a barrel and expectations. The market will be tightened by OPEC's output cuts. We did not get government trade balance day-to-day today due to the government shutdown Kit Jukes society, general global fixed income strategist tells Bloomberg lack of information is just one byproduct of this government shutdown. Simplistic life. I just don't get a lot of economic data to know there's a lot of things that I don't find out about what's happening..

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