Donald Trump, Saudi Consulate, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Jamal Khashoggi correspondent Mike Rossier? Reporting announcement by the Saudi state run news agency, ends all doubt about the disappearance of journalist. Jamal has Shoji. The Saudi news agency quotes prosecutors as saying a show was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. Turkey in a fight Shoji was last seen entering the Saudi consulate on October second President Donald Trump originally demurred when asked if he thought Shoji had been harmed in the consulate but on Thursday, Trump told reporters, it certainly looked like a show was dead Turkey has been investigating. And there are reports in Turkey of an audio recording of this show. Jeez, killing I Mike Rossier? The US and South Korea, canceling another major military exercise. We get details from correspondent saga megani? From the Pentagon digital into ace is an annual exercise with both the US and South Korean air forces. It's been suspended with officials here at the Pentagon saying the Trump administration wants to give the diplomatic process with North Korea. Every chance to continue. The announcement comes as defense. Chief Jim Mattis meets with Asian counterparts in Singapore. The military cancelled another major exercise shortly after President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong UN over the summer when the president abruptly called the training maneuvers provocative and too expensive. Saga megani? At the Pentagon, President Trump said Friday, the Democrats extreme and too dangerous to take control of congress on a three days wing out west to make his closing arguments for Republican candidates, Mr. Trump sought to hone in on immigration as one of the finding election issues. This fall authorities say one person has died and nearly forty others have been injured after a tour bus and a pickup truck collided on central Pennsylvania highway evangelical community hospital in Lewisburg tweeted that it received thirty three people from that crash. More on these stories at townhall dot com. Midterm elections are right around the corner. And it is obvious. Now that the left will do anything to win. We can't back down. Now. In fact, the gutting unite on.

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