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Of the U. S. Armed forces pursuing undergraduate masters degree. Find out more and a M you. Freedom granted dot com I'm Rita Kessler, w T OBY traffic and now your latest forecast, courtesy of Storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell. Our weather will be decidedly cooler than average for the end of October in the beginning of November today, partly to mostly cloudy, maybe a sprinkler to a rain highs in the low fifties. Guys will clear tonight. Temperatures will drop into the thirties by Saturday morning. Saturday will be the prettier half of the weekend. Sunny and 53 back to near 60 on Sunday afternoon, but a chance for some late days showers. Those showers or a cold front, which will deliver another shocking change to the system down into the thirties, with windchills below freezing by Monday morning, I'm Storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell for w T. O p We're at 50 degrees in Waldorf 48 Reston in Washington. Partly cloudy 48 degrees temperatures into the low fifties. Today, it's 11 11. And if the Arlington Memorial Bridge is part of your Halloween weekend plans you're going to need to make some changes, too, at the National Park Service says the memorial bridge will be closed for repairs. From nine tonight until five Monday morning. Those repairs part of the long term rehabilitation project that's been underway since 2018. It's expected to wrap up next year. As Maryland's two largest school systems continue. Virtual learning parents want to know Is there an end in sight? Well, we have more now as we continue to track parenting in the pandemic. Rene Zapata has 1/6 grader in Montgomery County public schools.

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