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The pirates on top six two three as we go to the bottom of the sixth sansui by lila deals to jordy mercer to start the framing mrs inside the fastball wanna know into his third any relief to by la berkshire tonight over to a ground out at a strikeout righty on righty 210 drops in it for a strike at eighty three one in one two he's been sharp so in on one it the the first two rates again over for mike laker had a real rough night right create six runs the order peace okay one one is a curve down it away chile one in recent vein and coming into tonight likely since july 5th a six point three nine era just did look very sharp tonight wonder if there's something bother him or if perhaps you could be headed to the dal to one is approved for a strike to ensue two guys had injury problems as he got into may's volleyed in a major two thousand ten a year removed from college naybet a very quick trip he never played minor league baseball league before he got to the bigleage tutut bouncer leaning is to revitalise off his glove it ricochets told wall aside arming florida first time jubail bilo reached out of the air ticked off the top of his red club wong angolagate in front of the bag grabbed it and in one very smooth motion was able to swing it side armed the first for the up alcohol the longest plane at a high level right now it's been swinging the bat when that go and good use have such a free and clear mind defensively and he's playing aggressively right now not playing a protect anything and it's a great feeling the app because that's when you realize your potential as a player on the field so one out on a good play by want hear the bottom of the sixth 63 pirates shared here's stewart ready to ready to pitch basketball athanese called strike and i'm with you on leak i wonder if there is something bothering him this has not been very short the oon stewart bounces wanted a third to hops glove by jerko patch the gloved throws the first.

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