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He fancies that he's become a real man the shadow says and the dime his shadow to protect the man she loves the princess has the man exit in that evening the shadow mary's the princess having finally experience what it is to be human so the shadow wins said gun luton nodded stick's on your shoulder doesn't it like a crowe said khanna you know why said luton why because there's something more inherently terrifying about a shudder than a b movie actor with jack harris cheeks curnis mild mr luton how would you like a job for the remainder of the weekend thou luton had trouble sleep the opportunity that had opened up in front of him was beyond his wildest dreams the chance to run his own division with complete creative control there were a few conditions can i told him but they could be discussed if and when luton decided to take the job by sunday ruth lootah begun to fear for her husband's state of mind and luton himself it almost worn a whole through the floor from pacing it celtic means security he told cells like means a dead end she replied i know everyone at celtics i'd have to build my team up again from the beginning what if i didn't click with their people what if the people at rko a more talented than the guys it sells next he'll kill me luton said i genuinely believe that if i tell him on leaving for a rival studio he'll pull out a gun and sheep did is that what this is about said ruth.

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