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Oh laser gentleman. Daniel hooper is in the building. How are you sir man. Get intro music really really kicked it off for me you you ready to get back on the squad come. You know that that'll get you man. Thank you feast. How're you doing. Thanks for taking some time those little bit later in the day. But you. And it's friday guessing family there which i know that but i just want to take a little bit of time just to just to wrap with you i. It's a good day is friday here. We're here made it to the weekend. I'm going to get to sleep until the sun comes up tomorrow. Which is that's always the goal during the week. I don't really get the feel the sunrise on face on a wake up in the morning. Those weekends baby. I'm going to try to get to enjoy the love. You know as a dad. We have know very simple. Goals can admit to sleep in a little bit and somebody else. Maybe the grass take out the trash disposal. Little things we don't ask for. I sleep in till nine o'clock. Maybe court you probably going to get up a little bit earlier but you know i. It's the truth you know for me. It's like i got this little building advantage. Because i have one young child and then i have three. That are older now. They're still living in the house. But it's like so now it's like if the baby wakes up i can just tell like the girls anglade..

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