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A disgraced exgovernor of illinois makes another bid for a new trial rod blagojevich is asking the high court to throw out his conviction on corruption georges filing friday his attorneys argued that it's a blurry line between legal and illegal fundraising and with blagojevich did not explicitly demanded the campaign country bution in exchange for any official act among other things blagojevich was convicted of trying to trade at a point to the us senate seat vacated by barack obama for campaign cash he is five years into a 14year sentence the longest ever imposed on them illinois politician for corruption the justices declined to to here a similar appeal from blagojevich last year jack callahan fox news something that's not in the cards for kevin spacey netflixing evaluating whether to continue house of cards without the main character the company cut ties with spacey after current and former workers said the actor created a toxic environment onset one exemployees accusing spacey of sexual assault meanwhile police in new york city say they're building a case to arrest harvey weinstein for rate weinstein deny sexually assaulting or harassing anyone the national archives releasing nearly 700 more documents from the jfk files saying that claims that lee harvey oswald was connected to the cia are not true a nineteen 75 cia memo says a search of the agency records was done to see if there was an us wall connection and nothing came up president trump has ordered all documents be released and that should be happening within the next month but some historians are complaining that the documents are being heavily redacted a few intelligence agencies didn't want some information released saying it could compromise nationals security in washington jill nato fox news and i'm steve rappaport fox news.

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