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Was the others the brushed that we had a i can only assume the brunch at sacred i can only assume that it was either the branch or the the bachelor auction that we did i don't know how we lotto or what about the ipad party what about the doughnuts everything apple today as a whole got best celebrity event either way i took that were i gave it to michael affair i said this is a bone award i don't know what it's four but you you hang it up some good because a lot of people really busted their ask for that and and to win two apple a day awards when we didn't expect to win any that's that's fantastic and that's kinda why you thought you might be there yes and i i was very okay with now what appalachia to get as much recognition as possible because it puts ipads in the hands of kids who are undergoing chemotherapy we've talked to two of those kids just this week and i have to say they've been among the most life affirming moments i've ever had on the radio to see these little brave frigate warriors a fiveyearold in a sixyearold who thanks to the generosity of our lives nerves are able to have their own ipad a gift cards in case and all that while they go through chemotherapy i'd love that stuff so to see apple a day win that must be great so you're sitting there we're whole big clan from work you got your yet you're sean deely sports coat years you got your your at saint peter's legend shirt on that's right and and that the bone gets best radio station of course yet but we didn't know about any of these until after the award ceremony the only they announced that mike aalto one best morning show hell yes he did and then he was passed our radio personality absolutely was congratu his first runnerup you're making so they brought spanish up and they gave the my council works so we didn't know anything about the bone winning we didn't about labral day not we were we were sitting there as they were presenting some of the daily present a small amount of the.

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