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Degrees in Carlsbad, 65 downtown. It's cloudy and 67. Go, Go News times, 6 32 It's time for the opening bell on Wall Street with Gina. Serve idiot. Bloomberg. Hey there, Gina. Hey, Ken Madonna. Good morning. Stocks are moving lower so far, giving back some of yesterday's gains after some German industrial data came in worse than expected that hit markets across the globe. Right now we have the Dow, down 160 for a 26,000 won 20 to the SNP is down 15 at 31 65. The NASDAQ, which had a new record high yesterday, is lower by 12 points so far. At 10,423. Recent reports show the global economy could be passed past the worst of the current slump is still a long road back to pre Corona virus. Pandemic levels and crude oil is down a bit this morning right now at $40.35 a barrel on Gina Servitia Bloomberg News Radio 600 Kogo Thank you. Gina is 6 33 new public health orders went into effect at midnights. They mean a ban on all indoor dining at restaurants and indoor activities that any entertainment businesses like bowling centers, movie theaters, museums, even the zoo bars were already closed. The order will be in effect for the next three weeks Countywide the same order also in effect in adjacent counties. We're talking to county Supervisor Nathan Fletcher about the covert numbers, the spike in cases and hospitalizations that we've seen. That's on the way at 7 41 and also longtime San Diego restaurant owner Diane Powers at 8 41 on how this is affecting restaurants and their ability to make any money well. In the meantime, regarding those closures, the governor urging voluntary compliance and avoiding fine first enforcement action may have been $100. Three. Some cases $500. As you know, many of these goes high as $1000 on enforcement, so encourage people again. We're not going out there with A punitive frame, but we are going out with the result. Governors saying that over the holiday weekend, local and state agencies conducted nearly 6000 in person visits to bars and restaurants to enforce safety regulations. The city of pal Way considering a plan that would allow restaurants to stay open following the counties moved to stop indoor dining, Sometimes the best answers of a simple answers. How a Mayor Steve Boss pitched the idea of purchasing up to 50 picnic tables and loaning them the restaurant so they could continue to do business. Outdoors. Mayor Voss says restaurants are excited and it's easy to get approved. All it takes is a phone call to the city office and will approve them. And let him keep working losses. The picnic tables could be delivered as early as tomorrow because he has no doubt the powers City Council will approve the measure tonight, much as I love my cowboy hat. I can tell you if this doesn't pass unanimously, I'll eat one of my Joshua Lipton KOGO news. The California Legislature dealing with curling virus outbreak Rob Dawson reports. State Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon says five people who work in the chamber have tested positive for covert 19 1 individual who announced a positive result was an assembly woman who says the HR Department contacted her Friday and said she had mass damask exposure with someone else. The weak Before the outbreak has caused the state legislature to delay its return from a scheduled summer recess indefinitely. The legislature shut down for nearly two months earlier this year because of the Corona virus pandemic. President Trump Tryingto help reopen schools in the midst of the pandemic. Todd Pyro has Maur, the president and first lady will meet with teaching professional students and parents at all levels of education to discuss the impact of keeping schools closed. So far, 39 states have released some type of guidance to reopen schools this fall. But as cases rise to nearly three million here in the U. S, Dr Anthony found his warning. We're not even out of the first wave were still knee deep in the first wave of this we went up never came down to Bassline and now is surging back up. Those comments come as hospitalizations in Texas hit a New Delhi high in Houston, the mayor, saying hospitals could be overwhelmed in just two weeks time in Florida, Miami's mayor, reversing the city's reopening His case is in that state Top 200,000 this despite resistance from governor, Rhonda Sanders, who declared that schools in the state must open in August. There are more than 2.99 million cases of covered 19 and the U. S.

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