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When will they bring again to Patrick Brooks ran back yet we got to see check for Marco Andretti fall very soon checked in and ready been out there for thirty five laps on the and again part of that was under the caution but that whole group just as a patient down through and ready in fourth place all of them you would expect to see on pit road any moment now Ryan hunter ray on the line for the final time that the day that Ryan hunter ray was hoping for when he came off the track he was in twenty second place so janica Patrick is out in flight but she is gone twenty seven laps of the last stop with less than fourteen remaining she would have to do a forty one last step we just don't think it's possible without a lot of caution and right now the cars are slowing down enough where it just doesn't look like that is going to happen is you cannot come back on the pit lane let's wait and see Michael young and what's is it cannot hold back one bit laying down there okay so what yeah because I thought I saw the green and yellow car when in fact it was the blue and yellow car from a distance that is an obvious reason the number twenty four people around the car as they D. Hamilton is also went for his final stop here comes transaction Jerry Baker the reasonable way to get we did not but that is driving for the what's the number seven to see date for Bertrand baguette and the one off of the number thirty machines Presidente fabricated charges she was back in two thousand nine she's got about a three to four John baguette Hispanic both of them have to make stops but here comes back again he wants only the five hundred and one only his second attempt at the five hundred he's got that lead right now you begin to wonder they were going to use and right now another leader the team is in the race Lanigan racing machine yeah he's opened up about a tenth of an inch on the sector just made his final stop we see Marco Andretti still out on track call page he is done thirty nine laps on the step but he did have some caution flag plaza included in there and he does now have a pretty good reputation for saving feels well it's not going to get him to the finish but if that gets him closer and closer to another possible cotton plant which is what everybody is wondering about now who knows where we end up this world and by the way making a move on the frontstretch Dan Wheldon three whites go underneath the lapped car of Paul Tracy as we continue to watch it again laying out and waiting for her visit Chaponda dot com enter the start and indycar race in a two seater two seater with any champion like Mario Andretti officials said Chaponda dot com it's eight four eleven no purchase is necessary Nick yeoman here comes Santa Patrick and Marco Andretti yeah both but it just didn't work they're literally side by side is going to have the advantages a drag race at sixty miles an hour down the main straight down the I did a couple of those just in front so it is janica Patrick who will come out in front of Marco Andretti but they will give up valuable track position is Bertrand baguette is currently the later Daria Frankie run second J. R. Hildebrand is third keep in mind Franchini enjoyed a brand they stopped twenty seven laps earlier with nine laps remaining they gotta go thirty six laps essentially on a green flag run hole just don't think it's possible but who knows glory or Frankie seems to be the king it saves you a kind of watching the scoring as they came out of the pets and right now my guess is Dixon Weldon in the next few laps are gonna end up first and second Hildebrand has slowed on the previous lap J. R. is simply trying to save your policy to the last lap of just over two hundred fifty miles an hour yeah which means he's obviously nursing that car in a little bit faster cars been running well up at the two twenty two ninety mark it out in front of Daria Frankie four seconds the differential J. R. Hildebrand is now top ten seconds behind that yet but he runs in third place in trying to make as much as he possibly can for the spinal definitely he was told he needed four point four that four miles per gallon last year we were trying to spread I was reading Cesario Frankie.

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