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Yeah. These are my two nights to catch up on all sleep. I didn't get earlier in the week. I'm playing okay. I get I get a little high for a playoff game. Guys got it's it's a whole different level. The guy we need to worry about is. Our next guest Zach Berman because he's the one traveling, right? It gets to spend the night or two in Chicago worry about that kind of sleep. Right. Zach. Hey, thanks for having young guys. Zack's with the Philadelphia Inquirer covering the eagles all season long and. Yeah. In the scrum. The other day with L, Sean, Jeffrey when he completely blasted the city people are upset about this Berman. I was in there, and I didn't perceive it at Dow southwest in Chicago, I just perceived it as Alcyone not really in the mood to reminisce. You know, I I asked him if he was emotional and all about going back there, and he essentially said he likes Philadelphia, Chicago is the place that he works. But it was it was more a way to just kind of reroute. The question to get to the next question. See? About this. And I just thought it was L Sean being L shop. This is a guy that before he he left here. What told us he loves the city like every single time. We talked. I love Chicago. This is a business. But I love Chicago. Love the fans. I just think he's been misunderstood again. He's a competitive guy. He's kind of a soft spoken guy. But he's still the same old alshon Jeffery who who's actually paid off quite nicely. I think for the eagles has not. Yes. And and to your point about Chicago. Jeffrey who? Leading up to the bears game. Last year was saying the same types of things just another game not really making a. Then answer the game. He picked out of all day. No. Sometimes he he kind of settled with you too. Thumb on Twitter at Z berm. That's a good idea for this week. And it gets the eagles side of things. Zach permit from the Philadelphia Inquirer. There's another guy that has they used to be in Chicago that I think was a decent reason. Why L Sean wet to Philadelphia? That's my grow the offense coordinator who was his position coach here in Chicago. And then again in Philadelphia, but what I'm curious about with Frank Reich leaving Philadelphia with John D Filipa leaving Philadelphia in the offseason might grow getting promoted into that offensive coordinator job. How has he been received in that job this year? And and I guess what can you tell us about the job? He has done as the eagles. See? It's funny because Mike rose been under a lot of heat this year. And some of it is is it's it's somewhat unfair. The reason I say that because the offensive coordinator job here is different than it is in a lot of other places that he doesn't call the place, and he was replacing someone in Frank Reich. Who was a very popular obviously went on to beat the colts. Eagles had so much success as an offense last season with Carson Wentz and with Nick foles, and and really through the first two thirds of the year this year they struggled offensively or they were inconsistent. I think when when fans reporters looked at what's different. It was easy to look at the changes at coaching staff but Doug Peterson year stuck Goodison offense this year too. How's he doing? There are adjustments there. And it's certainly support ater has apart a game planning and needs to be a voice in the head coach. But I would hold Doug Peterson or accountable for four when they're underachieving. Zack can take us through Saint Nick, the magic of Nick foles. How how real is this is it really history repeating itself. What is coming to Chicago? Yes. So the the pixel speaker, Nick foles. In full bloom here in Philadelphia, obviously Super Bowl MVP that. A lot of good things with the eagles. And then really took over team that that was almost left for dead at six for seven. I'm sorry at six and seven and three straight games here. Is first of all these extension of Doug Peterson. So really those two are in tune you saw that towards the playoffs last year. You're seeing that this year he's taking more chances down feel giving his skill players. The chance to make plays the goal alshon Jeffery, especially Sean, Jefferies numbers. The in these past three games knees. Five plus catches one hundred plus yards per game. A lot of that has to do with Nick foles giving out on a chance that they Claes on the ball. And and really the teams rowing around him. And there's there is something about Nick that that is that answerable quality that players and fans gravitate toward that being said, I covered Nixon tire career Philadelphia. I came back, and there's been games with the bad Nick foles to you can't dismiss those. And that's what I'm real curious to see about Sunday. When you see a defense that turns that can force turnovers at the rate the bears. Do that's an area that falls? Multi interception games in his career. He's one five in those six games. So real curious to see if that happens. Well, let's flip the other side of the ball. Here's Zach and Phillies giving up two hundred sixty nine yards a game through the year. That's third from the bottom in the league is Mitchell Trubisky gonna have a huge day here. Are those those stats if you haven't watched the eagles all season long? Is it not as easy to throw on Philly as the stats would make you think? Yeah. I I don't think it would be down the statue. A period there in the middle of the year, especially with so many injuries in their secondary. They just trying to figure out what to do on defense. You know, for instance, crave on the Planck bears fans. No, you know, the eagles signed him off the street, and he was blamed the next week, and they lost four of their top five defensive backs going into the year with that being said, they they've really started to stabilize things in these past few weeks, and they're they're coming off an outstanding performance against Washington and undermanned Washington team, but they shut out Washington and the key for the eagles defense, especially their past defensive for talk about it is is the pass rush. If if they can win at the line of scrimmage, they're going to be tough for Trubisky such a concert, especially is the player to watch their career high ten and a half sacks this year at six and a half. Tax during the month. He's. That's a match up you need to watch. Because if they can win the line of scrimmage, it's a long day for Trubisky of Trubisky time or he can extend blaze that secondary can be picked apart. Zac, give us an idea the injury situation going in this game, you know for the bears. The eyes are going to be on Eddie Jackson who we think is gonna play. But is technically a game time decision. The bears all pro safety on the eagles side. The look at the injury report. I mean, there's a few big names on here that are questionable. Jason Peters left tackle. I know he's been dealing with a quad. Michael Bennett has been been pretty good this year. He's got a foot in Avantis Maddox. I know popped up on the injury report this week with an oblique. What is your thoughts on on those guys in Nashville ability for Sunday? Yeah. So the first thing you mentioned Jason Peters. Michael bennett. I feel confident that they would be playing the thing to watch with. Peter's is if finishes the game there's been a few times was started to come off the field. Michael bennett. I know he's. But this is kind of the way they've on the past few weeks. Inside out. It's the practice has come back on Friday. He he'll play on Sunday productive Maddox is a real interesting one because he popped up on the court later in the week as you said and questionable for this game. He's he's been a big reason why that secondary is stabilized on the defensive stabilize fourth. Round pick who came back if you weeks ago. He has a story start that safety. Oh. They're more productive players surprise on the fence. And if she can't go that would be a problem. So that's the player outside watching. Freaky leases to see how how. Somali indication divert those Sunday, but you just want to see kind of the quality that is playing. Zik. We spent so much time dissecting Trubisky here and even dissecting the criticism of tribe to Trubisky here, I'm curious. What are they saying about him in the eagles locker what what are the defensive backs? Michael Bennett, saying about Mitchell Trubisky. Yes. Yeah. So what's your best? You know, they they solve less. Clearly, there's improvement dishes. Typically, I I I think the thing that don't be of which Bisky is is. Ability. And that's something that eagles have struggled with frankly against a mobile quarterback this year. Whether you're looking at. Shawn Watson can't Marcus mariota. You know, Angie? Andrew. A mobile quarterback. But it you talk about what the what did defensive players are saying about Trubisky really their focuses more on on stopping the run. That's that's kind of the the number one. The number one thing that defense is looking at the week is is how can they try to make the bears wants the bench and all that's that's not against Trubisky per se. That's that's kind of their attitude each week. But especially when they look at the game. And you look at the eagles bears game last year. What eagles were able to do against that bears rushing offense? I think Jim Schwartz defensive players. They're not won't priority. Is it's going to limit the Ron and at that don't try to get that pass rush. After for this look back Dame. Let's not think about that. Damn. Let's very that game. What was it? Thirty one two three whatever it was. The one at age twelve. So you got. Affairs to Heinkel eagle. Real quick for you. Go prediction. Yeah. So I'm done with this one. And I have a lot of respect for the defense factor stuff in one at home. But now I'm going with the better quarterback. You're not just see that falls opposes it. So I could be wrong, certainly that you know, the way what they said. But I'm going with quarterback this one. All right, please send us four Philly cheese sticks after the bears win by twelve. We'll see on Sunday Zach Zach Philadelphia Inquirer at Z berm on Twitter. We could talk some eagles coming back just raise up the tear here. What scares you about Philly? Yeah. I've watched a lot of tape this week on the eagles. I'll share what I saw. Also, we'll come back. And you know that prediction. There's interesting not that he's taken eagles. But the reasoning to me, I think it speaks to a lot of the conversation. We've had about Trubisky this season said it's so east. I'll take the better quarterback. Yeah. I don't know that he's the better quarterback while there's a lot of. I know I just said I would draft foles over Trubisky. But I don't know that it's for this playoff. I I don't know that it's oil in your draft, right? Or at all. Together. About the draft to like foles. Sure, maybe it's the better quarterback. But what about his competition like he's going up against the best in the playoffs? Right. Which is why I pointed out when I did that I would much rather be Mitch on Sunday going up the against the eagles than Nick foles going up against the bears. And honestly, I don't know Zach right? There was giving the bears defense enough credit for for what Nick foles is gonna face on Sunday. Anyway. It would have been nice. If you decide I'll take the more experienced quarterback was just a bigger those that was a salad Zing three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred you want to get into talks bears and the eagles. What scares you about? Philly ADEMA has a scouting report for us next. It's HOGAN John's seven twenty WGN. Five.

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