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Gets really high quality interviews with zion williamson for two hours than normal media members knocking to get because jj still playing. And i think you're gonna see athletes do that. There's a fan base to tap into blue wire. Podcast is a partner of ours and they can help an athlete from soup-to-nuts literally named the podcast. Get on spotify and apple and then from there sell advertising for it. So i think you're gonna see athletes take advantage of things like that. But it's not the multi-million dollar podcast opportunity. Jim we had the we had to lift off and kind of like watching branson or go up in space. I mean there's everyone's going crazy And i've been tied up basis back. I mean did it was. I don't even know So my point being. I remember the first first couple of days. This bo. knicks the cabinet or twins. Now now we have bryce young but what happens next because camp starts in a week season starts and six weeks. What do you see then. I think that this is going to evolve once again. You're gonna see athletes who perform well. This fall create an opportunity for themselves to take initiative on actually starting in. Nfl business and that's going to require them to either get an agent which many are going to not be in a position to do that because they don't bring enough money to want to give up ten thousand twenty thousand dollars to an agent so they're gonna have to take initiative their parents can have to help out they're gonna use our platform. That's why we created. This is the majority of athletes. Can't afford an agent. Don't need to get an agent. We went to help them report. Their transactions find opportunities and do it without having to share the revenue with anyone but athletic performance is going to create opportunity and from there. They've got to take initiative and like everything else you get out which you put in. I wanna make one more point. Save an implied that bryce is moving towards seven figures. And that was it. We didn't talk about specific deals. What types of things. He's gonna do right. We're just he's talking about the opportunities already come to him and he was saying it. Pretty high level manner. I think we're gonna see this fall. What tangibly comes out of that opportunity for bryce curiosity. I mean he did say near that. There's a difference between seven figures in your seven-figure seven. Figures is a pretty high standard. No matter who you are where you are what you're doing. Does somebody know how much money bryce young is making right now. Yeah i mean alabama compliance. So they should they. They would have a list. They would be able to track everything. He's making where he's reporting of the alabama state law that every transaction must be reported to the compliance department of the institution. So there's a mechanism every institution has most of them do use influencers but alabama actually uses a different mechanism but bryce has to report that final. Final question on this in terms of Wants to season starts. I know you're guessing because we have never been down this road before but are we gonna to see waves with a big play An upset is that going to. I'm going to go back to basketball. Because it's more recent when jalen saw hits the shot to beat. Ucla stands up on the scores table. In front of the stands he's able to right away. Create an nf that moment and sell it worker fans who love them and that's a big that comes and goes very fast and we know tons of athletes at college. Who live that out. Never became much at the pro level or whatever else what could they have done with what they did at their university dan. We're going to see thanks so much. It's great staying in touch with you. We will talk very soon looking forward to influence her. We are going to take a break. Come back with two pretty familiar names on the sec network. Mkhori and cubic radio show. Now.

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