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What's up i wanna thank gerard and inch and his wife and everyone else that at the roller connor far line for you know for having the guts to hold the progun rally and you know we had a good turnout despite the inclement weather i rob i think it's it's fair to say we're going to have at least three to four times the that crowd if the weather had the you know where the weather like one would expect by the nineteenth of may but i think so and it was it was they had great speakers also they had food they had all kinds of thing and that's gerard and jane over at relics so thank you to those too republican congressional nominee mardi no stein as well as his very gracious former whom we met rob okay okay let's go that's enough of the recap let's hit the gods stuff before our listeners say what are they talking about okay god stuff go well god stuff you weren't prepared how dare you we're talking about space system and that you know and it's all like clockwork and as dr carl sagan seven cosmos you know the this clockwork of a cosmos implies that there was a great a watchmaker whatever divine okay okay a you know what i mean well there's also another way of looking at it rob this cosmos out there we're at the we're like in a in a cosmic pinball machine we're at the mercy of these asteroids that are floating around out there that they're going like seven times seven miles a second and your point being well as as one you.

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