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Sportscaster Warner Wolf to the programme. Good Morning Warner. Is that a sheep shot that little shot at me over there, Riddler? Come on, Michael. I mean, Glenn was hey, was the torment stiff competition? You? You had to be on your toes competed against land. There was no question. It's funny. It's funny. If I thought my life I would get to know two people whom I love very much Warner Wolf and the Len Berman sportscasters in my life as a Broadway columnist. I thought Are you getting me? It would never happen. But you both are terrific. And I appreciate all that Both of you Do I love Elin and I love you Wonder so Warner. Believe it or not, I was I was watching the Yankee game on Saturday because I was with my girlfriend's father, and he's a big Yankee fan and I was watching the game. I think they're playing the Cardinals, one of one of the bird teams anyway, So I'm looking in the stands, and nobody's there and I thought it was I thought this is really, really weird one of their plane. They're playing the Tampa Bay Rays. Now I don't know how we gets. Ah, ah, a bird team out of that, Anyway. They were playing one of the fish teams, but but it was just it was just really strange to see an empty stadium. It's a bazaar. I agree with you on that one baseball of all the sports So far, I just it's It's weird that our theory, I would say this you of all the sports that need a crowd. I think it's baseball and football will be next. But golf. You don't need the crowd if you're sitting home watching on TV, and that guy like more column makes an eagle. You jump up and down at home. You don't need to. You know the crowd. They're so golf. I don't think Mrs the fact that there's no crowd. But the turmoil baseball It's just it's empty. I would just say it is not every man I remember something land. I think you're at this game talking about no crowd for baseball right in 1983 there was The pine tar game. All right, make up games. And if there were 100 fans at that makeup game, and then I have green eyes, which I don't And you know the story there. Three weeks earlier, Bread had hit an apparent two run homer and in the ninth inning and Billy Martin came out. But no, he had too much pined to our own is bad. I know it and the umpire said You're right and the Yankees win. Well, Kansas sitting in protest of the game, and it was held up by the president Lee MacPhail, and he said No, Martin, if you're going to do that, you have to protest the pine tar before the pitch, not after the homerun, so they replayed. One out top of the ninth and then 123 bottom on the night that took nine minutes. And it was, I think, a weekday afternoon at three. Nobody there, right. That's a good call. I forgot. You know, I was there. I was covering it for NBC. And the absolutely I was there that day. It was It was strange, but you brought up the Golf Warner. I did watch a lot of the PGA Championship over the over the weekend and the golfer you mentioned Drove the 16th is apart for he drove the Green made the putt and he broke a logjam. There were seven or eight guys all tied at nine under, and he won the tournament. But it is a problem I had now I think 95% of the time you do not need fans at a golf tournament because you just follow the ball, whatever, but those moments when there's an unbelievable shot. I'm just so conditioned to hearing the announcer get excited hearing the crowd get excited, But the announcer, which is all right there that no good shot, Okay, drop the puddle right 12 under and it was like, and I'm not blaming the announcers because there's no crowd to feed off of, but it's just that with those moments just seems strange to me. Yeah, There's like, Remember the old TV bowling. I'm in talking about the 19 thirties. You know that there's a ball that they know the guy right where there's the ball down the water that was whispering Joe Wilson. That was actually his name, and it would be old bowling shows that black and white and the announced will be right behind the bullet. This's whispering job, and they announced it so quietly. Daddy makes the seven said to split. I get it. I got it for a moment. Yes. Okay. Yesterday 75th anniversary dropping of the second A bomb on Japan Nagasaki because Japan refused to surrender didn't believe Truman and another bomb. After erosion. And for some reason. People protest and I say there is no need to feel guilty Number one in Japan and not a sack Pearl Harbor, they would not have been two bombs dropped on Japan. And number two by dropping the bomb. I should say bombs August 6, The ninth Truman save at least a 1,000,000 American lives because we would have had to attack the Japanese mainland. Corner. Way discussed this issue last week on the 75th anniversary of the dropping of bond and Hiroshima and All of our callers called in and said that was the right decision because so many American lives would have been lost. Had we tried to invade Japan, Yes and Japanese and three by three million Japanese lives to throw that problem, And the problem is water that they left wing has gotten control of our colleges or universities or schools now, and they're teaching kids that America was the aggressor in World War ll. It's It's outrageous because they don't know history. Go Learn history before you go protest that you guys are gonna have a geographical song title pick. Yes. Yeah, You got one. I was one. There's so many Oklahoma left my heart in San Francisco should go. New York star Spinal Alabama Moon about Route 66. Oh, that's right. That's another good one. Well, you guys contract along forever More Lara Thunder. Those were my choices for the rest of the week. But Warner Trust me, Len picture all the obvious ones as you just listed. I am no doubt that Oakland is less choice that here's one for you. Give your son a tennis racket or a soccer ball, the number one paid athlete in the world today. From June 2019 to June 2020 including endorsements..

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