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Join hand the ground. The crew descending in parishes into a hostile environment. Freezing temperatures and strong winds. It was still the first fall to jump would just too close to the coast, and they were taken by the wind out over the ocean where they perished from exposure on drowning in total five crew members died the most badly injured was the radio right who hung up side down in a tree into the others found him they managed to get mad at the tree, but I couldn't won't because of frostbitten feet. So they made me comfortable at the foot of the tree and told me they couldn't stay with me. They had to go and find help for the others. But that they would be back for me. I lay there in the ice and snow for a day or two until I was found by Canadian rescue team who got me to ship the loss to abandon the. Aircraft was kept him berry who landed in shallow palmed on Ashdown island. According to Barry as the crew drifted down on that parachutes the plane had suckled over the island. It was shoot that them when down and sunk somewhere in the ocean was an enormous effort made to find and rescue the crew, but despite all the resources used the terrain and weather was very porn. It took a full three days to recover those left alive. But that's a story on its own. Coding to the limited official report from the SAAF the Boma had been left on order punit, and Dr Tatum attending coast. So that it would crash into the ocean. When the crew bailed out there any one hundred and forty five miles north of Vancouver island three hundred fifty miles from Vancouver city, despite the launches such rescue operation in history, the five missing crewmen, the huge Boma and its nuclear weapon presumed lost in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. And officially the nuclear material was a training dummy made of lead to that information. They was no further such made for the lost beat thirty six. Now, I have a three years later, the wreckage of the beef that he's six spotted by Canadian such plane intact on the side of mount Cullet in British Columbia over two hundred miles north of where it was thought to have crashed how we got our is unexplained, but it is. Sibal that the old ipod up fluid that Yussef team specialists move very quickly to the site to recover. What secrets it contained and hikes places way use to destroy what they couldn't carry out to this day. The US government has remained very tight lipped about this event. Which has of course, given rise to theories of conspiracy. But I'm see nothing. I have read conclusively changes the declared facts, the US government was very keen to ensure that the crash of one of its most of von stat cropped on the loss of a nuclear weapon when the US Esau had yet to steal enough information to build their own wouldn't reveal anything to potential enemy Leno -cation was not publicized. But many locals must have known about the site. However, it was how to get to new expeditions in nineteen fifty-six much later in nineteen ninety seven undertaken followed by small scale expeditions to solve onto facs some of which are on display in the local bunk cleave alley museum in Smith. The site is now declared protected, but. But forever as a link with the first ever loss of an atomic bomb? Yang do flying into the sun. Okay. Nice. It was a is a great story own the most because it's to the annals of this conspiracy theorists who have made up all sorts of stories about how they think that they would line too because they haven't been all the facts revealed, and the I say Seth feel obliged to explain exactly what was going on. But the most I've watched documentaries and read a lot of my the theorists come up with great with very much of it as a fascinating story, the very first broken era and the first time that the United States Newt Canada. The laugh of. Well, I just watch yourselves up there. I can say. Okay. All right. Excellent. Remember, just a reminder if.

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