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Jimmy buffett was last night it's an annual summer festival there people and i know this for a fact god love him that schedule their bake asian around jimmy buffett and i'm not gonna make fun of that i had friends growing up at scheduled their bay cation around the grateful dead but a lot of those people were unhappy last night because apparently there was a snafu to the tune of hundreds and hundreds of people not being able to get in and i said earlier if you were there i'm gonna end you can complaining ingram and get your money back but it's a concert story that you can share later is this the keith keith at pre sheets you calling you were at the buffet show last night correct i was ben perritt head for over forty years i've seen jimmy many many many times many times at what i still consider star lake eddie sure last night last night was the worst and i can't figure it out because it's not the first time live nation has ever done it why are we talking about bar they are they reading virtual tickets off of your phone are they tearing tickets where did where did the flow stop the security check in you got an empty your pockets you have to take everything out you gotta put your hands above above your heads and walk through one of those screening machines okay have your stuff on the other side and ben go to another set where they actually scan your ticket that wasn't a problem maybe was all the security checkpoints now imagine if i'm going to try and paint the way you've already you've already walked through and done the hokey pokey and now you're getting to a different security checkpoint no it's not the scared i'm sorry i have misled you here first there's the security checkpoint once you clear that and that's where the logjam was okay what's that once you once you clear that once you clear that then you go get your tickets scandal that wasn't much of an issue okay logjam was the security checkpoints so now i'm gonna paint this picture okay at the main gate which is called the west gate there are three sets of stairs and imagine those stairs are three highways and each of them have three or four lanes and they all merge into one giant wave and that's what you had and you.

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