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People who listen to this podcast aren't on it. Are they suffering from? Josh? Sorry I didn't try. It was there i. Might say. Haley's job like it was lying on her body with. The, second topic for the off season Mo- foam. On my body when I bathed. Actually I love a good bubble bath. I, really do who. Does not. Billy, the phrase, a frequent billy madison references Josh makes like he loves getting bubbling. We're good bubble bath I. DO I do. I like to stay in it for good little wild. Yeah, he. Fills the TUB I turned. Yeah I pry prune badly you could. I'd be part of that Prune stew. That Gregory, own. Hey remember. Gregory was eliminated from top chef this week. We've probably talked about a little bit. To Gregory was eliminated and we also it and it was know. WHO's GonNa win now. We? Don't know really. Or for so long I know, but here's the frigging thing about top chef. especially as of late like it's a really comes down to how you cook that day that like I feel like the past few seasons. It's been like Hey frontliners going into the finals. Guess what they're gone fifth, fourth and third place. Yeah, absolutely, Adrian our favorite front runner top chef season. Yeah. Actually we're actually going into the finale with three again and I. Hope to God. We're not doing another BS area..

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