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And so yeah. So it was it was interesting. Well, who was the most influential person within the year after you learn about having each via in your life that supported you. Like he couldn't got through without this person. I probably have to say that there were three individuals. I didn't want to tell my parents. So they didn't know until years later while really. Yeah. Because I didn't want to I didn't want to worry, my mom, I figured if I were to get sick. And then I could tell her so she wouldn't have to stress over it. But the the three people who were. Really key in my my ability to stay positive, whereas my coach, Ron O'Brien. Dear friend of mine, Debbie, Sean. She's an attorney. But she's she's like my big sister. She's doctor Sammy Lee's niece and then Kathy, Sean her sister. Who was a doctor so lawyer doctor, I'm covered, right? Right. But they actually took me into their home. When I was going through some tough times trying to leave an abusive relationship, right? Say they were they were there for me. And. Open their doors to me kinda got me on my feet Amazon. This Louis Novum not supposed to talk about these things. But this was this relationship this abusive relationship, how you got the aids HOV he knew what a lot of people want. I mean, even my dad when he was live in he wanted to blame Jim that. Honestly, I believe that. I was probably infected prior to me. Gotcha. I think we both came into the relationship positive. Wow. I don't know because I wasn't tested that. But my previous partner before Jim he passed and. Petitions with aids dodge. And so, you know, my suspicions I think that. A lot of us. That were exposed were exposed before we obviously before we knew about safe sex. And I remember doing an interview with Larry King is like how smart tried like you get HIV is like I don't understand the question because I didn't because we knew about safe sex after. And after having. Yeah. I mean, I thought it was I was in a serial monogamist. So it's like when I'm with somebody that. Yeah. And so well, I figured I was probably safe. Here's what it is happens. It's crazy. And so can you educate me on aids right now HIV because everyone was dying. I guess within a couple of years. But now there's certain drugs and medication eight the tug extend life, very long, or what's generally, can even if you sir convert it can look forward to pretty normal life expectancy, really people are. Dying of old age, you know, heart disease run arthritis. And you know, I mean, they're having issues with that come with showers. Yeah. But there you laughing along life. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, they. Found how to attack the virus in various ways about attacking the rest of your body. There's still some I mean, it's really hard. The medications are hard on your liver. Really? So I do acupuncture and Chinese herbs to support for liver support systems, if you look great, you look young vibrant, healthy, Melissa sixty crazy. Look amazing. Unlike on I hope next is going to be sixty like this healthiest. You look fit your joyful your full love. I feel like so you've been living with this for thirty years. Is that right? Thirty plus years anyway, and you have to take a medication daily is that the essentially try regimen that I'm on now it's in the morning and the evenings got my HIV meds. I have let's see three three beds in the morning, three meds in the evening..

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