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Trust. Campaign 2022 now on WTO be we're following some developing political news in Northern Virginia. After a longtime democratic delegate marquin resigned last month an election to replace him is coming together this weekend. Democrats will be selecting their nominee this weekend as they work to replace keem. It'll be on Saturday hosted by the fairfax county democratic committee with voters choosing from candidates Carl frisch, a fairfax county school board member and Holly siebold, a nonprofit leader. This is in the 35th district, which includes Tyson's Vienna Dunn loring and oakton, Republicans plan to select their nominee on November 5th. We're having the people in the 35th district come out and cast their vote for our candidate at that point. Steve Knotts chair of the county's Republican committee says they don't have a list of candidates yet, but they will soon. Nick ein L, news. The widening of the beltway mcclain could impact cell service in the region unless V dot at the service providers can figure out where to move a cell tower that's in the way. Fairfax now reports the tower is right next to four 95 at the old dominion drive bridge, which is being replaced as part of the beltway's northern extension. Now vdot is known the tower needed to be moved for more than a year, but AT&T and T mobile can't agree with me dot on a new spot. The tower will be taken out of service in November, which the carriers say may cause intermittent wireless service disruptions in the area. Every day they save lives and property here in our area. Now dozens of first responders are in Florida, helping out after the devastation of hurricane Ian. Maryland task force one is the urban search and rescue team headed by Montgomery county fire and rescue. They've been in Florida since Saturday searching for victims. You know, sometimes it's not just about delaying and breaching and breaking and sharing. Sometimes it's managing and treating the human part of this. Battalion chief chase fabricio heads the task force when you have somebody that has lost everything and gets initial worry off their shoulders. So at least they don't have to worry about food water or shelter as they begin to focus on what comes next in the recovery process. A former military medical facility is transforming into a live entertainment space. The down in the Reed's music festival hits the parks at Walter Reed on Saturday. Come on out, this Saturday from 11 to 7 to the down in the reeds festival. Cofounder Christopher Noem invites you to the main stage on the great lawn. The medicine singers, which are an algonquin set of drummers and chanters, and then obviously the headliner is red baraat, which is a Brooklyn based band. There's also the arts Plaza stage, almost all of them have an educational aspect, whether you want to learn about flamenco or Ghanaian drumming. And the lucid gathering space. You will be given shapes and colors and different things to draw with and make your own artwork and the art will be inspired by the sounds. These artists were playing and find out more on WTO P dot com. Jason for AWT open news. OPEC defies U.S. pressure and cuts oil production. Does it mean you're going to pay more for your fill ups? We'll talk about that coming up. Four O 7. Being heavy was so hard. I would get out of breath just by going up steps

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