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And then all of a sudden, oh, the Yankees are favorites because he's all you heard with Houston, Houston, Houston, Houston, he sneaks up on Giancarlo STAN. I didn't hear. I didn't hear about Carlson's until Friday the day before the trade, and then you get from Carlo, sunny gray, Sonny. Gray was really rumored to be, oh, here's sunny great. He works. So the guy that you think he's gonna get, he could have j. I telling a stupid person right now, but everyone thinks we're gonna j. hap. That's the guy we actually want you believe we're gonna get while we're working this deal. He's playing like two different. Checkers chess, whenever else. Planned checkers. Yeah, exactly the same types of so just trust Cashman in cash from you trust, he's going to figure it out. He'll he'll get the Renault the, he'll get the right guy. And if the case, like we said, if there's no true ace out there, that's why he got Britain till like strengthened fortify something else in trying to win a different way. The other day, the offenses the fucking get it together. That's that's first priority new. Yeah. So we'll talk about the upcoming stretch four games, hosting Kansas City, starting on Thursday, sunny great pitching. You have to win every single one of those games every single one. If they don't sweep Kansas City, that's a very big problem. Kansas City is terrible baseball team. They can't pitch. They can't hit their thirty one in sixty nine. You have to be able to be Ken city. All four of those games you have to. It's winning four neuro is tough, sweeping team four straight games. It's tough, but they have to do with like you said about Tuesday's game. Like if you, if you're serious about winning division, you have to sweep the Russ. You're next to against Baltimore who are twenty nine and seventy three. Currently they played tonight don't know what their, let's say over those six to win all them every one, but five at a bare minimum. Like if you tell if you that's not good enough, if you right now, the five and one of those games all sign up. I want six one them all. One of their to fucking keizer combined sixty wins the bread, sex seventy. You have to be able to beat all those teams Red Sox with clean house. With those teams they would. They would look, I read, but it's twenty six zero. It doesn't matter. You're playing is tough competent. They're literally fucking baseball to beat. I mean five hundred seasoning. It's let's go shunning Greg in June, it's sunny gray, better, win that fucking baseball game. And he looks better lately. Hopefully centigrade show them last ceased. Exactly. See Keller CC. She win that game. Severino against a guy named Phil Meyer assured fucking God. If we don't win that game, I'm going to put bowling. But and then Tanaka against Smith who Birch Bert, Smith Burch Smith men doesn't sound real. He's pitching it's the AKIs. He fill Meyer who are these? People need to be able to win those games and then we're talking seconds Bundy. That could be the game. We lose says Bundy shutout like an randomly and then sunny grants. Alice called copies to thirteen. That's crazy and sunny grey. Oh, Cindy, great owns the warriors this year I do sunny is not pitching in the Boston series they up. So he's and hopefully new Yankee pitcher is pitching for sesaon Sunday. I would imagine that will be hacked, depends on whoever the rotation right up, right? Whoever they acquire. So you got those. Are your rife, five. Anything less than five? Is it disaster? I agree with that. Like Zik goal. Five. I'm fine with anything less than that. Like let's get ready can split one game against Baltimore. You have to sweep the royals. You have to. Jewish Keller film iron Smith Burch Smith. If we don't sweep them God and I'm going going Thursday. I'm thirty thirteen and two on the year..

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