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You explain emotionally, what goes on in your head when you say that? I say that in a calm confidence that I think that I can really help the group in the way I'm willing to do anything I can to help each and every one of my teammates succeed. So I've had good captains, whether it was through New York or through Leipzig and just leaning on them for guidance and experience I've been able to learn a lot. And I've always took that personally that I do want to learn these things and if I'm ever called upon in that situation, I want to be prepared and ready to help the team in any way. So I've grown a lot as an individual and matured a lot through these players and these experiences. So I think that leading a group of people is something that I enjoy doing. It's definitely important to me. I think that being a person that guys can lean on for advice for anything they need, I'm a relatable person. I enjoy being that person, the vocal point of things and helping my teammates. At the club level, you went to the moon or rather to Leipzig, December 2nd, 2018, Bundesliga disruptors RB Leipzig paid a reported $3 million to bring some of whopping as falls finest into their lives. The generation of American footballers before you so many went to Europe and many, many failed, they couldn't adjust to the culture to the tactical level. Or to just not an America, both the intensity of the football and the grind of life off the field. It did so many end, and they fled back after a seasonal two to the comfort of MOS, was any part of you afraid of the culture shock. Finishing an MLS season and then going directly over, I didn't really have time to think about the culture shock. So I didn't really think too much into it. I kind of packed my bags like a month before moving and then I was just like, all right, waking up and time to go. I know you've been studying German for 5 months before you move there, but on the field. Did you experience a footballing culture shock? The faster pace of the game, the ball movement. Really, the ruthlessness of that locker room culture. I wouldn't say it was ruthless from a Red Bull perspective where such an international team. We have so many foreigners that are in the same position as me. They're leaving home at young ages and coming to a new country and a new environment. So I think everyone's kind of going through that learning process. But for me, I was able to actually settle in really quickly and I was lucky to unfortunate to have some teammates that helped whether it was translating things in video. So I could understand that kind of helped me push the learning curve maybe faster than others to settle in. So I was definitely fortunate. But we think of pro football as a glamorous life a dream. But a lot of American players when they took honestly took about the downtime, the occasional, incredible loneliness of being in Europe. Was there anything that surprised you? Of course, the language, it's one thing to sit across zoom for 5 months before you go to Germany to learn a little bit and see what you can learn. And when you're learning things about what's in the kitchen and what certain foods are and stuff like that, you realize that you don't need any of that when you arrive in a country where you're learning a foreign language instead you need to learn how to have a normal conversation and not so much the grammatical part of it. And I think that's important when you're coming into a new place, you shy away from that challenge of being able to have to speak another language, but now I think as you become more comfortable that you see how easy it makes like outside of purple as well. And that's why it's super important. Olive Garden. The one I went to was on route 17. Tyler, I love hearing you talk about what it's like to play in the Champions League. You once said, hearing that answer from a young age. I mean, usually, I'm on my couch, turning on the TV and watching the players walk out to it. This season, I mean, you are playing Manchester City. You are playing PSG, you are living that life walking out onto the field to the champ, beyond. Can you describe what it's like to stand in that pregame handshake line and hear that exquisite noise and no millions of kids are watching you and dreaming of following in your footsteps? It's still a goosebumps for me. It really is. It's weird because you never pictured playing at 9 p.m. in European nights and the cold with the bright light and the anthem playing because normally for me was a normal day after school I'd come home, get off the bus at two o'clock and then Champions League was at two 45. So that's a special moment, especially for me and my dad because we would always watch the games together after school, but the opportunity to play in some really big games, some good learning experiences, a couple mistakes, which is good and now you grow from them. August 13th, 2020. Do you know what happened on that day Taylor? August 13th, 2020. You only went and scored a historic goal in Champions League Cup finals. You put light zig two one up against Atlético Madrid. It wasn't the prettiest strike, but they all count. And I love that moment. First, you becoming the first player in our nation's history to score a goal in a men's Champions League quarterfinal stage or beyond. I said to my kids in that moment, 5 years earlier, that man's mom was driving him back and forth to practice night after night just so he could live that second. What did that feel like that moment? It all paid off. I remember waking up in that morning and the coach telling me I wasn't planning. So immediately I was pissed and then being brought on as a sub and just having to be prepared and ready for your opportunity and then being able to take it that's a perfect example of what football is is you go through ups and downs, but things change really quickly. And you always have to remember that. We are living Tyler in an unprecedented age, where there is a wave of young American talent on the men's side so skilled, so optimistic, grinding through European football together. You western, Christian, sergino dest, Zack Stefan, Brendan aaronson, Jean Luciano, and more. Do you feel you're writing a new story of what it means to be an American footballer in Europe together? A 100%. Not just the European part of it and being able to play it the highest stages, the biggest stages, the highest level of football. But I think it's so important for young players to realize that every single person's pathway to get here was completely different. I can go through all the names that you said and just explain to them how we've gotten to this point in our careers, but it's sometimes not pretty, sometimes it's pretty and seems easy, but there's an extreme amount of hard work and dedication and commitment to the process and just believing in the process and grinding it out and hopefully good things will come from it. But there's obviously no guarantee in football for anything you do. One of the juries of this young wave from the outside toiler is how much you support each other and celebrate each other's successes. Can you talk about how you experience it in the various WhatsApp and Instagram chat groups that you have give us a taste of who the most vocal leaders are and what's been said..

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