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Back to the Michael Knowles Show. I am Michael Knowles and I have a shocking Groundbreaking bit of wisdom for you. The left really doesn't like us. Now. This This doesn't seem like a ground breaking insight here, but it's actually something that conservatives Think still haven't made their peace with there are still many conservatives like like, for instance, those loser squishy Republicans who voted to convict at the forest impeachment trial. But many other people who maybe aren't quite as bad as they are. But who believe that, you know the left. They just hate Trump's tweets. If he weren't so mean they'd be they'd like us more if we just Owner rhetoric in a certain way. If we disavow certain Republicans, then we can come together. We'll meet in the middle. There is no them. There is no middle right now. You know, this, I think is why Joe Biden is so confused is Joe Biden was always moderate Democrat. That's how he styled himself because it was for his political interest to style himself a moderate Democrat. That no longer works, so he's embracing the radical left of the Democratic Party. When you've got, say moderate Democrat and Republicans, you can kind of meat in the middle. Why? Well, you're going to disagree on abortion. Right. That's abortions have kind of a binary issue, right either. You think we ought to kill babies in the womb or or not kill babies in the womb, but You know there, There's gonna be some compromise where abortion. Maybe it'll be legal until a certain date or under certain circumstances. I don't want there to be compromised. But at least it is possible to compromise in that regard on immigration. Well, you'll let this many people in. But not this many people in you compromise me like that tax rates. Well, it's not gonna be quite as high as the Democrats wanted. Ubiquitous, Lowest Republicans want We'll meet in the middle somewhere. Foreign trade, right? Whatever you go down on the list. You can do that, with moderate Democrats who agree. At the very least, this is a good country. We support our country. You can't do that with radical Democrats. Who support political violence and embrace it. It's funny that the left accuses Trump of supporting political violence and he doesn't do that ready, explicitly said Be peaceful. Don't be violent, always be peaceful, whereas the left does explicitly endorse political violence as I feel the Trump legal team showed quite well during during their video presentation at the impeachment trial. You can't compromise between one political party, the Republicans who support the country and one political party. It doesn't support the country that calls for half the country to be utterly excised and ostracized. Because what's what is the compromise between have a country don't have a country where you how do you meet in the middle? You have when you have Ah, City state. I don't know. What do you have You meet in the middle. And you have Ah, An NGO. I don't What do you wear? And you can't. You can't compromise between those things. One side is gonna win, either we have a country. With borders and loyalty to our fellow citizens and some shared sense of purpose. We don't wait. Don't have borders. We don't have a common language. We don't have any shared sense of purpose. We hate our history. And if you hate your history, guess what? You're gonna hate your future, too. It's not just about trump the left. Feels this way about all of us check. Ugur was very prominent Left wing commentator. He runs the young Turks. He just showed this today He tweeted out something I thought was incredibly stupid and revealing. True of much of jinx commentary, he said. Quote. There are many things Trump got right about right wing vote. They don't care about policy. They're driven mainly by fear and hatred of others. They're greedy, incredibly selfish and driven mad by envy, And lastly, they prefer violence to democracy. If democracy means equality. My obviously this is not true. The charges were not true Republicans Carol about a lot of policies. We want to make abortion illegal. We wanna have stable families. We want to be able to keep more of our property. We want to close up our borders and I have a functioning nation. We want to keep national sovereignty away from trans national institutions. Were there a lot of things. I mean, we could go down the list. Right? So those are policies on that is just flat out wrong there. What's he says that we're selfish. We're selfish and that we're human. All humans are selfish to a degree, but In fact, conservatives proposal politics ordered toward higher goods. Right, generally speaking. Maybe the libertarians a little bit less so, but the conservatives generally Supported politics ordered toward a higher good a transcendent moral order. That may be limits some of my appetites and desires, but ultimately, it's for a higher good conservatives are not particularly envious, right On the contrary. But it Winston Churchill called Socialism, he said, was the gospel of envy. Conservatives say We ought to be able to keep the things that our arms the left is saying we want. What is yours? Give me what is yours? I deserve that which you already have. Conservatives violent well, they could be violent, I suppose, but much less violent than the left. Compare the three hour Madness of the capital riot compared to the six month long BLM and anti for riots even longer than that. And moreover, on this equality question conservatives embrace a far deeper and more some substantive vision of equality than liberals. The left right now is is created a new cast system whereby people have greater or lesser value based on their race based on their sex based on their sexual desires. Based on various claims of grievance, conservatives don't say that we say no. We have a sort of spiritually equality and a political equality is citizens, And that's that. We obviously you're different. Physically, we look different. Some people taller, shorter, but we do have this kind of Spiritually and political equality. The left basically denies the spiritually quality. Through the various ideologies that they entertain, which are overwhelmingly materialist or or even worse, But more than this tweet being wrong. It's extremely stupid. Just imagine dedicating your career to political commentary and this is the best you can muster. Right wing is bad. Trump got where they're bad. They're evil. They're terrible. I really would hope for better from our left wing commentators. That's why I began the show talking about Jonathan shaped who I don't really like, but occasionally says something that's at least Interesting, at least unexpected. I don't think that the left is uniformly driven by fear and hatred, and they don't care about policy and they're reading and all that. Sure. I mean that that stuff exists. I think that the left is motivated by ideas. I do want to take those ideas. Seriously. The left broadly right now. I think it doesn't want to take any of this seriously. They just want to write off half the country is a great supporter of democracy. I think it's important that we hear from lots of other voices.

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