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Military medics in communities improving access for the health of America, the Blue Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies everyday TD IT's, thirty five thousand heroes. Put technology to work making today's secure and tomorrow smarter with cloud AI in cyber GD IT, delivering the art of the possible explored, DDAT dot com. Your. Credit. Motors. Moulders. Easterns automotive group. You'll find vehicles to choose from every vehicle has gone through a rigorous multi-point quality inspection. And you can buy with confidence because eastern, every vehicle is backed by a seventy return policy and a complimentary thirty day warranty with Easterns, one price promise you can shop confidently the price on the website is the price you pay. No gimmicks eastern started at the community dealership over thirty years ago, and we'll continue to serve the community in every way possible. It's in their DNA visit eastern dot com today. The next generation of owners for success. That's true. Tom, one of the things we do is make sure the business, owner understands the options for passing the company down to the next generation, depending on the situation, these options can include selling the company to that next group gifting the company to them, or even a combination of the two we work hard to make sure that both generations understand the plan and how it will benefit. All kyle. What should a business owner expect? When you begin looking at options, Tom every situation is different, which is why we start talking with the owner about goals. Are they going to rely on continued cash flow for retirement? How will ownership split up, is there an air apparent to run the company? My job is to help the owner define those goals, and develop a plan to meet them. So it sounds like an experienced attorney can be a great resource during family transition, Tom. I'm a business owner, just like many of my clients when I talk with clients about a transition of ownership. I look at it.

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