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Gray's like and that while there wasn't a a bunch of firsts there also was not self government by wilmington this city in terms of its city government all of this with the socalled good race release them relations shifted after the march 25th eighteen ninety seven municipal election that we talked about in our previous episode which had been pretty contentious than than led to three competing boards of alderman all claiming to be the real one and then after that the race relations were no longer good in fact white democrats were planning a conspiracy to overthrow the government that was elected on march 25th one of his campaign was focused on removing wilmington duly elected government and replacing it it also had a secondary goal which is to make an example of wilmington in order to keep the rest of north carolina's black population in line it is not clear exactly when the plan to do this was hatched later on thomas w clawson who is editor of the wilmington messenger and was involved with the ku said that white citizens of wilmington had started formulating a plan six to twelve months ahead of the 1898 election a group of nine white citizens were the ringleaders and became known as the secret nine they were jay alan taylor hearty fellow w a johnson l b sasser william gilchrist pierre be manning edward s lathrop walter parsley hugh mcrae also involved in the conspiracy were the democratic party campaign committee of new hanover county the wilmington chamber of commerce and another informal group known as the group of six a lot of people involved one of the most visible players in the conspiracy was alford more wedel who we quota.

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