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Ell delegate Cincinnati. Case is still rising. Just not quite as fast with 5 30 report on Bryant copes Breaking Now Hamilton County is off the watch list, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine says. While covert cases remain alarmingly high hospitalizations in e R visits for Corona virus Symptoms are not increasing as fast as they were. However, governor says Well, Hamilton County didn't move up to the highest threat level doesn't mean Corona virus is not a concern. Ohio reported its most cases statewide yesterday at any point during the pandemic, since there is no place to hide. All of us together have to come together to fight this enemy. Indiana and Kentucky, reporting a record high number of new cases as well. In Kentucky, Campbell and Kenton County have now gone into the red because of surging cases means people in those county should produce in person shopping, Avoid in person dining, try and slow the spread. Granny, but she is also discouraging people from getting together with friends or family members who do not live in the same household. His recommendations are also advising school districts and red counties to switch to virtual learning. We now have over half Of our Kentucky counties in the Red Zone, and we're down to a handful, maybe four of yellow counties and no Green counties, governor says the next two weeks will be critical and trying to get this under control. Now latest traffic weather together from the UC help traffic center, you see health, probably serving a Cincinnati's leading adult organ transplant program from more than 50 years..

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