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Headquarters in New York. Let's check this hour's top business stories in the markets. Two fed speakers questioned whether rates are high enough to crush inflation. The head of the Cleveland fed Loretta mester was saying the fed has yet to reach sufficiently restrictive rates, meantime the head of the Richmond fed Tom barkin is still looking to be convinced that inflation has been defeated. We are seeing shares in Baidu trade 3% higher in Hong Kong, China's Internet search leader reported revenue rose, a stronger than expected 10% last quarter. We have more from Bloomberg's Joanne Wong in Hong Kong. Baidu's results suggest China's largest Internet firms are making some headway and revival efforts after two years of regulatory crackdowns and COVID restrictions. Baidu's advertising and cloud businesses are rebound in demand, especially post Chinese New Year. Baidu may have also benefited from his chat GPT style surface called Ernie bod, which was China's first major response to OpenAI, the Chinese chat bot scored positive reviews among Baidu's selective testers lifting the company's stock by the hopes that technology will help it transition to a provider of AI technology and autonomous driving. For now, Baidu still counts on advertising sales to generate cash and fund riskier projects. Its smart speaker unit is also set to unveil a new phone this week, building out a hardware ecosystem to complement its Internet services. That is Bloomberg's Joanne Wong in Hong Kong. Two of China's largest online brokers are ready to remove their trading platforms from app stores in China this week. We have more from Bloomberg's of on man. China is taking a harder stance on capital flows out of the country, food to holdings and up FinTech known as Tiger brokers say they're moving to comply with the regulators requirements, restrictions mainly applied to cross border brokers, hutus app, Hutu bull will be removed Friday, tigers app will be taken off tomorrow, Hutu and Tiger have been operating in a gray area for years, their apps have allowed millions of local investors to evade capital controls to trade shares in Hong Kong and New York. The brokerages say users outside of the country will not be affected by the app removal, shares the brokers fell double digits in New York. That is Bloomberg's of en man. Tesla's CEO Elon Musk says the EV maker will dabble in advertisement serious speaking earlier to CNBC. The some good logic to it in that if we're simply saying information by, say, the Tesla Twitter account on my Twitter account, or somewhat preaching to the converted. And not reaching people that are not already convinced, essentially. So I think they're probably have a good point. I think it's worth a try. Betsy Elon Musk speaking to CNBC he went on to say the new plan is still not yet a fully formed strategy. We check markets throughout the day here on Bloomberg right now. We're on the lunch break in Japan, the nikkei up 7 tenths of 1%, hang seng down three tenths of 1% and in Seoul the Cosby higher by 7 tenths of 1%. This is Bloomberg

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