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To be very interesting to see where this goes going forward this off season we saw case keenum get eighteen million dollars a year from the broncos and we saw baker mayfield go first overall those guys are both about six foot tall those guys both play a little bit of a different style and here's what's fascinating about to me gresh right is next year we're gonna be looking at couple of guys who are the prototype and like drew lock jared stem and then you're going to be looking at a guy like a will greer west virginia or trace mcsorley at penn state who look different and i'm really curious to see if what nfl teams are looking for in quarterbacks is starting to change a little bit and if they're becoming a little bit more open minded because let's look at who baker mayfield was drafted over what was was was drafted in front of josh rosen classic classic nfl build he's got like the head for the game like classic he looks like he was like put together in a quarterback lab right josh allen who's like the big horse like ben rothlisberger and then you have sam darnold who six foot three from southern california and baker mayfield six feet tall twotime walk goes in front of both of them so to me i think the combination of of what happened with keenum in the playoffs and then free agency and then we're baker mayfield was drafted tells me the nfl's becoming more open minded on quarterbacks and it'll be interesting to see if that continues going forward after know we we've talked about potentially you know drew brees being trendsetter well drew brees was there took eleven years until russell wilson came onto the scene right then russell wilson comes onto the scene now it's been six years since russell wilson came onto the scene it'll be interesting to see if this time around if this may be sort of changes the paradigm what nfl teams we're looking for in quarterbacks that's going to be a fascinating too yeah and and look i think there i think coaching is changing a little bit in the nfl to where they're more willing to adopt some of the concepts of spread teams in college too where it's maybe a play action look and then get the ball out quick you know it used to be lined up in the i formation yet a tied into wide receivers on the field and when you went play action it was either deep play action or you're looking to get eight or ten yards out of it because you're really about running the football for a lot of the eighties in the early nineties and then it became gimme the system quarterback to where they could have some of those principles plane a three wide receiver said but they weren't running around like michael vick and now i think to to your point you know teams are not afraid to put quarterbacks on the move and work one side of the field they're not afraid to work zone read concept of certain quarterbacks you know look carson wentz doesn't run a ton in philadelphia but they do a bleep tone of those zone read looks just kinda hold the linebackers so i think it's also reflective of the way the game has changed where maybe a thought process has not changed very much where you still working play action get the ball out quick take your shots down the field but it's now based in just looking differently it's not with two tight ends on the field anymore it's three wide receivers and in some instances to backs because you wanna work both backs to excuse me try to hold those linebackers and make things happen and it'll be interesting to see bird if one of say a michael vick type quarterback can break through and become successful where maybe they're not as good in the pocket but they're athletes has held can make a ton of plays see baltimore as an example question it'll be it'd be really interesting to watch what happens will mark jackson there okay your number four well i'm gonna stick with quarterbacks and it interesting that you mention that because because you know you've got some looming quarterback situations like i jokingly said seib all to mawr but you know i mean they drafted lamar jackson in the.

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