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Well if you happen to be born on this date june eighth who might you share a birthday wit you realize this man mr matt's appeared in his first television show and nineteen fifty seven jerry stiller still still with us at ninety one years old and i don't care for for pretty much the last twenty years he's played the same exact character regardless of what the show maybe why would you pamper with that car it's like you say about a band leg acdc you can have one song as long as the songs good and jerry jerry stiller play another character that would be like asking samuel jackson the play another character he's just silliness pass i love jerry stiller and i go back to stiller and mirror who were a comedy duo that was his white and mirror who has passed choosing the other way around and she's we survived by but not in this case and mirror that's how far back i go as to be on ed sullivan show show i've been at band and jerry stiller pretty much my entire existence on the planet earth jerry stiller where else would he be from brooklyn father obtain turns ninety one years old today jerry stiller jimmy darren he's done a lot recently but hayes from sap philly and he's had a pretty cool career and the movies television shows like j hook and whatnot funk sat billy james darren turning eighty two years old today one of the best athletes ever to come out of this town and i don't think he gets recognized the now i don't if you don't believe me just look up the stats of herb adderley her battery chest oh my god let's just try like by different nfl titles some super bowls some of them before there were super bowls and a nice guy a net and talk to her badly three times soup wayman i i really undersold him three times super bowl champion five time nfl champion i.

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