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Smoothie King ruled the day So money spin offs. You know a time. There wasn't a lot of spin offs in the sixties or the fifties. This show on the family generated so many so many spinoffs. The first one was Maude. Correct. Yes. You know the word spin up. Always interested me. I always thought about you Bring on a player that you think I can't work in his or her own show. And she's kind of a Bush league player on DH. You're what you're trying to do is groomer or him for the major. That's that was the terminology. I always Okay, thinking about it. What we wanted on all in the family. We wanted somebody to come along that would reached through the depth of a lot of years. Beats the hell out, you know? But I learned something like an old relative with a gret. Yeah, You didn't invite her to the wedding. How could you have done 27 years ago? That person coming at you with that? More was ah, Cousin, a za girl and best friends of either. Yeah, The whole family was sick. The whole family was sick, and Marty was called to come. Take care. I remember the episode. It was absolutely vintage because it was the first time I think I saw Archie Really beat up by somebody that with it needed to be either playing that role with that grudge that came back from that came over the years. Now, now from Maud came good times. Didyou get flak at the time. Because of the portrait trail of this black family. You know, in Chicago that it was, it was more negative. We got flak. Ah, couple of years in there was some slack. Some of it was helpful because it was about why Ah, right is the only black character Uh, supporting a family working three jobs. Why is it not the truth in America, people move up. Move on. And several, uh African American newspapers carried stories like that are hints of that, Uh, feeling. And that motive we were taking about them. Actors, uh, do the Jeffersons, but it's certainly motivated. Moving on up. Absolutely right. Right. Right. Right. Which I would say you Remmy remedy that with another sitcom. So the Jeffersons and I forgot, you know, obviously. The Jeffersons came after good times and in it surprises me always because really, they were, you know, so proud. Prevalent in the first season of of the show when you develop those characters, you know Isabel Sanford and I know Sherman Hemsley came a little bit later. Did you ever think in your in the back of your mind? Here is another show or did it come to kind of later? If you did good times. Bush league characters Wherever I mean, you couldn't you couldn't hire a good actor without wondering if that good actors shouldn't move up. And, ah, that motivated this. Much of the thinking. Is anything else would never find us see this glorious performer in his or her own shop? Sure. And then there was one day to time and and read that they're you know when Maude you know when, when the abortion issue came up on Maude, this was a episode originally written for Bonnie Franklin. On one day at a time. What decided to go a different route in a whole different show with this with this subject matter. Well, it was written originally on. Not that it was the same script that you know that was finally done because Joan Harris, who later created Golden, Gross wrote, It's responsible for the abortion episodes on all in the family. The one. I can't remember who it was the team that wrote it for Bonnie Franklin. But we were. I don't remember exactly why we have made it. But we've certainly intended to make it when somebody came in with a newspaper article about a woman in her seventies that was raped. And as we talked about, Dad, we saw it. You know, rape is usually considered what? What they look for. First is what What was the girl doing to entice the guy horrible, which they're sure to her spiritually short of So this kind of thinking, uh, and speculation And certainty that older woman I ever seen this story are rape to cause us to say, Let's do it with Jean and not with a young woman. Gotcha! Gotcha. Well, I will tell you, you know, one day the time. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Fernwood Tonight, Sanford and son. So many others. Silver spoons, fax the life different sorts That just came from you Square Peg. Well, you know, giant collaborating. Absolutely. But still out of out of all the other shows outside of all in the family. What show? Would you say? You're most proud of outside of all in the family? Well, I would say more good times. Ah, Okay. All right, All right. All right. Fair enough at one spectacular thing about it. And that was that it's It's set up something at the beginning. And, uh, you know, it was on five nights a week, so there were several 100 episodes. And it concluded on the same thing, which began it wished to explore the impact of the media on a simple housewife. And the media drove her crazy and her on the data stuff Kind show. Uh, as result of the inquiry of three, the hard hitting media bullshit. I can't say that. Can I, uh, whatever you like, Uh, they drove her crazy and that's one of the best acting jobs have ever seen. Very cool. Very cool. Now I have also, I also know you've stayed very active over the decades to speak up for the bill of rights, obviously producing these shows. I would think you would. You would have to be in specifically the First Amendment. You know the people for the American way. In the late eighties, you began the Environmental Media Association to make sure that the entertainment industry was, you know, environmentally responsible, which is very early on when you think about the early Excuse me the late eighties. Declare yourself to get people out to vote on countless others. And here's a little known fact that I think people might not know in 2001. You and your wife purchased one of the first published copies. Of the United States. Declaration of Independance. How cool was that? Patronymic. Okay, this was one of 26, known to exist in the world was the only one in private hands. And, uh uh, it was this group were printed the night of July 4th 17, unlike the one that was signed that was signed over months. Uh and, uh, and there's only one copy. But this was printed to be sent by horseback around the 13 colonies. And there are 20 something left. And so I looked at it as our country's birth certificate. The night of And we had the best time in the history of good signs. Uh, sending it around the country with the cooperation of major Watchers in the U. S Postal Service. It was fabulous. Well, that's what I love about. It is not only did you purchase it, though, but you, you you took it on the road. You let people see it. You shared it with a country that's pretty. Didn't I hear you? I hear you. I'll tell you what nominated for an Academy Award induct into the television. Hell of fame in 8 1984 4 Emmy Awards The Humanist Award Ah Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the National Medal of Arts. And so much more absolutely.

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