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On let me let me stop. Let me stop. Let me listen to my team. One more time. Forgive me forgive me. That has not happened. That has not happened for more. We're joined by. Luis lopez senior supervising attorney with the immigrant justice project with the southern poverty. Law center she came to the united states as a ten year old refugee with her family from salvador which she writes about in her op-ed for the new york times headlined migrant children deserve better welcome to democracy now loose. It's great to have you with us so if you can respond to what's happening on the border not under president trump but under president biden. And if you can fold in your own experience and history and what needs to be done. Thank you amy. Good morning you. Us well on it truly is an honor to be here And thank you for this space. So what is happening at the southern border is a shameful. We as a country should remain vigilant and hold any administration accountable regardless of political party with respect to our treatment of children seeking refuge who are fleeing countries that are in turmoil largely because of our geopolitical policies over the past several decades And with respect to how this mirrors our journey my family's journey to the united states it really breaks my heart. Amy that when we came to the us in one thousand nine hundred eighty. I was accompanied by my parents and my brother. My father had received a death threat He was teacher. So was my mother. We were forced to flee inside. The united states was funding. A war was funding the military. That was killing thousands of people and we fled. We left everything we had everyone. We knew our loved ones are family and set for the us where we had family in new york if i had if we had fled under the conditions that exist now i very likely would have never had the chance to serve for the united states Us department of justice. I never would have had the chance to sit here with you to talk about how we can do better in. We must do better for these children in these families. You know one of the things that concerns me. The most is that while we recognize that the new administration the biden administration has made some positive impact in overtures to ensure that there is a fairer process. for example they have removed the They have revoked. I should say the law that the memorandum that had required ice and oh are the office of refugee resettlement which generally a process processes unaccompanied minors the company children who come to the. Us seeking asylum. There had been this process in place where these two federal agencies shared information that had a chilling effect on many of the sponsors and family members who were seeking to reunite with these children because ice was using this process this process that should be full of hope and should be humane as a means to identify and deport people Those sponsors who were seeking to reunite with their family members so we do recognize that the biden administration has made some positive Taken some positive action but the fact remains that children continue to come to the us trying to seek refuge and solace and comfort away from the horrible situations that we find in the northern triangle in guatemala salvador in dudas and in may of course and what we as a country and what we would like to hold the biden administration accountable for our policies that are humane. Better family in child centered. We have the means to be more efficient in terms of reuniting families and children at the border with their hosts here in the us the biden administration themselves acknowledged that eighty percent of folks or more who come to the border. Come because there is a relative there. Is someone waiting for that person or that family here in the us. So instead of spending millions and millions of dollars on cbc's and ice temporary shelters make.

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