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A 38 raw the yearold lawyer and seek jagmeet singh faces a considerable rebuilding job the new democrats lost fifty nine seats in the most recent general election in 2015 but remain the third largest party encountered this parliament and what will hopefully become the world's biggest trees officially half built us company tesla is building a one hundred megawatt wind charged lithium battery in south australia following a bets between tuzla c o alone mosque and destroyed an software mogul mike cannon brooks missed a mosque said he could build it in one hundred days will the blackout plagued state would not have to pay forward as the countdown began officially on september 30th tuzla appear to be well ahead of schedule but bonus and welcome to tonight's monocle daily with me andrew miller it walls the two hundred and seventy third mass shooting recorded in the united states this year alone it is the deadliest such incident in modern american history at least fifty eight people are now known to have been killed more than five hundred injured when a gunman on the thirty second floor of the muddle mandalay bay hotel in las vegas opened fire on a crowd attempting an open a music festival the gunman named a 64yearold steven paddock shot himself dead as police approached his room where he had more than nineteen guns to hand islamic state has since claimed responsibility for the attack for law enforcement authorities did not appear to be taking this prospect terribly seriously i'm joint first of all by casey miro a journalist with npr in las vegas a casey first of all what's the very latest you're hearing where you are.

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