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You had a ballot initiative on a carbon feed the you campaign hard for it went down in November. If you couldn't succeed in your own state. How can you succeed with the whole country? Well, we are succeeding in our state. Look there's multiple tools in our toolbox. And this is good news. Right. It's good news that we don't have to depend on just one tool. So we're exercising. Multiple tools that are working our renewable portfolio standard as I said developed a six billion dollar wind industry, and in twelve years, we now are growing jobs in all kinds of sectors because of. My clean energy development fund, one hundred million dollar fund that we have we're electrifying and put people to work in software, dealing with the integration of batteries new battery technology, in fact, my neighbor's kid just went to work making batteries to integrate renewable energy, so we are working two days ago. In fact, the day was kind of lucky the dairy announced for president legislature passed or my Senate passed a Bill to provide a one hundred percent, clean electricity. And that would be a goal that we had to give all Americans as the same deal. Cindy, they banned super convince voters I want to show that our latest ABC news Washington Post poll ranked the issues at the top of voters minds improving healthcare, reducing economic inequality. Reducing discrimination combating global warming pretty far down their fourth on the list. Half of those were concerned about healthcare. How do you convince voters? This should be the overriding issue can you win? If you don't several things number one. This is no longer a chart or graph. Gets people experiencing it in their own lives as people in Seattle, Washington, waking up with ash on the hoods of their cars because our forests or bring down as people have Houston being flooded in Miami Beach, where they've had to raise their streets and a half, you know, look down at their shops in Miami Beach. So it's personal experience number one. And number two. This is changing dramatically Opole by the center American progress last week showed that amongst democratic primary voters in the first four states defeating climate change is actually number one priority now tied with healthcare. Now, the other thing you make this with this works is to talk about this from a character issue rather than just science. Look, I really believe that the way to win. This is to talk about the basic American character of who we are. We think big we go to the moon. We invent we create we build we lead the world. We don't follow it. We don't fear the world. You know, we lead it. And I think we have got to argue this from a character standpoint other ends of. Thanks for coming in today. Bet. Thank you. We're gonna be right back after this from our ABC stations. You have not to brag. But Buffalo Wild.

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