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This is a reporter this is a reporter she goes into the community when the riots taking place otherwise she's not there I guess in this is what inflames the situation when I tell you they are celebrating this are defending this are spending this that's exactly what they're doing here's Jim Acosta well the president of the United States is walking back to the White House from Saint John's church yesterday cuttle Levin go the president was Mr president this is a constant he says you're at the park for a photo opportunity how can you defend that tear gassed so you can make that trip is this still a democracy it's a reporter reporter Nicole Hannah Jones she's the sixteen nineteen project author who seeks to take down this country with the support of the Holocaust denying New York times amazing the mouthpiece for Stalin in the nineteen thirties with Krista Cristian almond poor and this was yesterday cut twelve go the fact that these communities have then I prayed upon by predatory lenders you know it goes on and on and so when we when we think about how someone taking an act to take something from some big box name store it is symbolic that one pair of shoes that you stole land from you know foot locker is not going to change your life but it is a symbolic taking and so when we do we I see so the looters and we've heard from some of them it's a symbolic taking that's why they're taking sneakers it's symbolic or she's projecting on top of it that it's some kind of a symbolic taking you understand go ahead contact Watson who created it it is that if you follow the rules if you do the right things then you will be able to access an equal society and that has never been true for black Americans are particularly for the lowest income most segregated black Americans now there you go America cannot succeed it's just two free we need the government to take care of everything she's a reporter and they self described historian in some respects an author of the sixteen nineteen project in this is the poison and the swell that young children are being taught now we have laws in this country that have been used by presidents in the past to protect the citizenry there are not enough police officers in this country when you have massive riots or insurrection if you will they're just not enough police officers to deal with it and so you need to protect the citizenry need to protect the country the George H. W. bush use the insurrection act in nineteen ninety two to quell the riots related to Rodney king other presidents have used them as well the insurrection act come let Harris apparently doesn't know this I want to let these people want to be your leaders called on call ladies and gentleman she wants to be vice president of the United States based on what I have no idea but this party is so consumed in the media and the left wing and the culture so consumed with identity politics that everything is described in this fashion everything justice good and evil right and wrong liberty and tyranny it's not the substance it's the identity come all Harris on CNN yesterday cut fourteen go I think that Donald Trump is combined the worst of George Wallace with Richard Nixon so let's stop there now she thought that through somebody told me to say that George Wallace the segregationist a Democrat governor of Alabama when this president has actually push for school choice in enterprise zones has provided more fought federal subsidies for historically black colleges and bomb ever dropped off and so called criminal justice reform something I never supported but none the less and his economic policies prior to this virus drove down unemployment to record numbers we've never seen before all over the country but especially minority communities does that sound like George Wallace do you I mean what kind of inflammatory poison and propaganda is this they have no governors on their mouths they have no desire no desire to call their propaganda she's not upset about the riots she says nothing about the rights how would she put them down well you know I passed a law you don't pass along promises of.

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