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Tv. Thank you good night. Everybody book jackie jackson that deep to left. And i'll tell you what he made no bones about being an alcoholic. Jackie masterful drinker. I knew him. He was a coach of the eskimos to before before before he died. And he's been he's been he's been died a long time stephen. He's been died. he's been dying. But i played. I played in couple of charity golf tournaments with him and there was a group of guy. They had a little click. There a group of guys. Wes montgomery was was famous morning. Show guy here for years and years very funny very funny guy and they were best friends and they were both good drinkers and played in their group. One day and they were they. Were they were about ten handicap twelve handicap and we teed off in the morning morning shot and steve brutal nine nine am or something like that and they both were like you know. Shut fifty five or something on the front nine god. I thought these guys were pretty good. You know. I didn't really give a shit steelers cherry and then. We got to the halfway hut and jackie. Parker who's ginger anchor. He stepped up to window the halfway and said to the girl. Is that a bottle of gin there behind you. And she said yeah he goes. I'll take that. I've never seen it. I thought it was in wester to give you the bottle of gin and they both right back about three or four or five shots of this before we even get to the ten t and they both shot forty stevie on the back. Yeah yeah a little bit relaxing juice. Stevie natural athletes and delve asli. Get a tipping him. Back there. you go. That's my. That's a i i know he likes. Efl there's cfl with it. That was what i was reared on. my dad was a schedule. In rough rider. Fanny grew up in indian head scotch when game to came to this area and I i think my first sports memories watching schedule in rough riders with my dad. Ron lancaster george read we go in the back and play interception. And i'd always be either ron lancaster or whoever the receiver of the day was for saskatchewan like tom camp. Pana right relief. Ottesen is a whole Later on in the horizontal yup for sandy never played for schedule..

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