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Eighty percent during the manufacturer warehouse liquidation at appliance factory and mattress kingdom they've got one hundred semis polevault places ahead it's all gotta go talking hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings on big names like l g ge whirlpool and kitchenaid their prices are going to beat lowe's home depot and all the big box stores now get this the manufacturers are about to raise the rates so these are hands down the best prices of the year even better than black friday and they've got the largest inventory in the state plus a fantastic staff you won't have to run around the store to find someone to help you like the other guys the manufacturer warehouse liquidation forty to eighty percent off appliance factory and mattress kingdom with sixteen colorado locations there's one near you that time of year the georgetown loop railroad quickly to so bridge spring all cars are heated and enclosed just in case of a spring shower trees are budding in the first flowers bursting forth three your jackets and head into the new extended lebanon mind train starts april twenty eight georgetown loop rr dot com and when you join or purchase your history colorado family membership you'll receive two adults and two child passes to the georgetown loop railroad as their thank you all the details at georgetown loop are dot com visit save a tree at tricare dot com today that's tree care dot com how hardwoods dot com koa newsradio time is eight twenty coming up on colorado's morning news we'll hear from the voice of the colorado.

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