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You know you don't want to get close to it unless you have to and factor very scoring kirk a leftright are one of the twelve tribes i've actually i appreciate the level tribe you know one of the reasons why the love i word less higher lesson population there were there were fewer number of it obviously tried it because we are added affect the effect of newark are the love i believe are good surrounded at the camp to round the arc was it it it it it the vague film pass away earlier and effectively reward able to live a long life i actually had it affect other i augur longevity as fascinating i didn't know that there is the story i believe i'm not sure which book of the old testament lives in israel named loser he lays his hands upon the arc and he struck down by god so what i've i've heard an engineer described the ark of the cub of ark of the covenant as a as a giant capacitor uh and that perhaps the real cause of death of was a was as ten thousand volts of static electricity yes that's actually you know depending on heavy you there isn't much of different ways of describing it but that is the possibility that i query i referred to by brooke there is a possible scientific explanation as well for that type of happy to get ict fitted pretty correctly uh and there are many people over it could actually do with open years ago the engineers could have looked at the way the ark of constructive and said yeah there i couldn't be a super capacitor conductor of one of the things that i venture to and then it in my intervention original veggie hubrelated jar basically wedded dry when it consists.

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