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That's amazing. You know we got western coast. Japan. Is Is James Now Japan real quick Japan. Is kind of like California pretty much same latitudes. So on long are you in warmer southern California? You're in northern Seattle I mean were you at in Japan. I don't know enough about use climate regions to be with that but I can say, yeah, it's it's the four seasons place. There is a winter here, but you don't get a lot of snow. It's fairly temperate. I'm not in the northern Hokkaido area where. He's at Monterey. New Okinawa where it's like away. Okay. Now, this is building up to the parallels, twenties and thirties. You could see this technocracy thing that started earlier i. mean this has been the goal from the beginning. This is Patrick. Would thing Gio Griffin James Corbett But what can we learn from the twenties and thirties and gleaned from that? Well. I just I. See very explicit. Well, there's so many different parallels but one specifically that we were talking about is the pendulum swing of left and right and basically they increasing polarization. Like. A metronome going further and further each time. that. Its wings to the left there's the rise of the communists and as a reaction to that, you get all these right wing groups and then they left wing in the right wing and they start. Fighting with each other in the public until it gets to the point where the public is polarized, you have to choose you can't sit on the sidelines you're either with us or them. Gun to the kind of stuff, and that's where the the public gets more and more polarized and. That's why I look at all of this craziness, the woke news and all of this craziness that's sweeping through in the left in America right now and I I I wonder like I get that some people at the bottom level are just kids who I have. No idea of any of this, but some people must know what they are doing the. Provoking They were provoking the polarization that is going to involve a backlash. You can't even imagine they're they're summoning the demon essentially that you you think everyone is a racist and everyone's Nazi and everyone's out to get you know. But this is how you create Nazis as you start going around calling everyone Nazis season racist and it starts the polarization and I see that rise is happening right now and that that's that freaky. This is one thing that is no sideline in that day. This is one thing that I hope these guys will embrace whatever benefit they're getting. Paid their line flight whatever the. Hell. Throughout history and thirties, Germany's a really good example all these brown shirts, which is what these guys are. You know they're causing all this consternation and then they had the Reichstag fire then he becomes chancellor you could see all this play out color evolution of they. Just you know pull the luminosity book off the shelf it's been around since forever in this hour, we're going to do it. When they do that at the end of that, there's the purge and the purge is all these guys that did it. They go I. Browse, your day put them in jail they shoot him they. Go we don't need you anymore and you're being constantly promised. These guys along knives comes quickly we'll explain that. Long we had crystal knock then it goes night along not you. What's the difference? So Kristallnacht was those damn do getting those damned Jews destroying their businesses perking the Glass Kristallnacht Because they're damned Jews the filthy Jews but of course Lauren's folks. The foot soldiers who basically did for the Nazis though the Brown shirts were they enforcers. beat up the commies on the streets and like stuff they were the first to go in the big as you say, the first big purge, the negative long knives and I'm not GonNa get the they right or the details but at any rate yeah they did purge all of the people who you would have thought wouldn't this wouldn't a dictator once he gets to power and becomes not just the chancellor but the Reichstag fire in the emergency act and all of that he starts. To crew, all this power will wouldn't he reward all of those foot soldiers that did all the work for them? No you get rid of them because they're the ones who will rise up against right. So get rid of them though that's that's the logic of this. If you think you're going to get special treatment because you were a good foot soldier for the ride with the dictator, you have no idea about history and it's not just Nazis of course, the Soviets stolen of. Famously. killed anyone in everyone who rose through the ranks in the Soviet at what we're seeing during the school year we knew this it's a lot of our six of our grandkids. We're done the youngest one they just they're not going to school anymore doing home schooling doing a lot better and the reason is because you knew they were going to get indoctrinated wh who do they get I could see what it was. I learned this in the nineties it's junior high that's why. They have junior high elementary high school and right when they're starting to go through puberty is when they're most susceptible suggestive and are a challenge in authority authority and it's dad we it's not us no, no, no, no. No I'm just a bill. It's Dad Dare Program turned in-command Thornton Get Dad, and this is such a a template that they're going these children junior high. This is how you get brainwashed this. Why you the Hitler Youth? This is why you have this age class. Thing and it's happening now get your freaking kids out of the government. School. System. We'll said LE- let's talk solutions then. Because that's that's an exceptionally important one perhaps the foundational one. Yeah. Stop your kids from being indoctrinated and starve the state of their cannon fodder. That's a good solution right there. Any you pay. If you want to set up a way to get paid outside of the bounds of the system that can install the digital dollar that will see everything you're doing. Well, you better start doing that day as it ain't GonNa be easier to do it tomorrow. Absolutely what what else are we looking at? Communication. Distorted data we of course been pippen. Ip. At best thing but I knew what was going to happen what always happens? It's quantum reality if I do it and show and demonstrate and we got James, you go into the show notes for today's archive and you'll see the. Version. For James Gordon Boom. Everything's there ha ha. You know well, of course, once you have that well, then your brain, your grandma's GonNa put that we got decentralized beg yeah you do. Now you better get on it because we're just going to the people are just going to do it and you're not even GonNa get sell you advertising she better get on it. Yeah this goes right back to what I was just saying my podcast and the library Alexandria's on Fire Modern Day Library in Rio is the Internet and we have to save it and you are a spearheading that with s now we gotta get search going to make that part of your in reality put that out there working on it on the way Bangor night we knew James said so we got. The you know this is. I'm satisfied with the awareness progression and making progress on these things and a lot of it I found in thirty plus years of doing this. It's a timing thing is just you gotta be ready but until the need becomes obvious and it's a free market demand, you know I don't have a real quick..

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