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President Trump's holding the line and his demands for a US Mexico border wall as AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reports. Trump also rejected a short term fix gestion on Monday. The president's insisting on a wall for both security and humanitarian reasons though, Democrats are refusing to give him the money he wants to build it when it comes to keeping the American people safe. I will never ever back down the president that a farmer. I convention in New Orleans as he left a snowy Washington where the rest of the government was shut down by the weather. He said he's not interested in GOP, Senator Lindsey Graham's proposal to reopen the government for several weeks while negotiating God did rejected. Yes, he's also backing further off the idea of declaring a national emergency to get around congress and fund the wall himself saga megani? At the White House, a pack of wild dogs found near the Texas Gulf Coast carries the genes of a type of wolf that was declared extinct in the wild nearly forty years ago. The fighting has led wildlife biologists to develop a new understanding that the red wolf DNA is remarkably resilient the genetic analysis. Found a pack of dogs on Galveston island in Texas appears to be a hybrid of the red wolf and Coyote, but researchers say that without additional testing it's difficult to label the animal the discovery coincides with similar DNA findings and wild dogs in southwestern Louisiana. Beachwear pitchy and autos, we'll have to wait a few extra months for this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The magazine is moving its publication date pushing it from the chill of February two warmer may closer to bikini weather is you editor MJ day tells the AP the shift makes more sense for greater impact. She says that it's always hard to think about bias swimsuit. When it's eighteen degrees out day says may is the time when many readers start to think about beaches and pools, the switch also would locks other warmer locations in the world for the models and photographers. There was no special reason them of was initially chosen fifty five years ago for the swimsuit edition back that it was picked to liven up a slow sports winter month. Hi. I'm Megan crane AP digital manager and host of the podcast ground game. I look at the top political issues bubbling up around the country ahead of this year's midterm elections. It's available on apple podcasts and podcast one. While you're there, be sure to subscribe rate and review it that's the podcast ground.

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