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Mark Jones speaking about. One of the funniest guys are being around, but. He was. He would go out and do his wall. Much area than anybody else, and then there other players who didn't need as much of a warm up and Again it was watching him and as My first instinct was you unique to be out here that that early, but I remember saying to me like I didn't say the time, but he used to joke about his knees, because he you know few cruciate surgeries, but also not worked for him, but then the other guys who just didn't need that actually would have gotten nervous if they did too much, so that was again. These were these moments that made me realize. How on we need to facility at some guys during the more during last. Group does need to be that individual. Managing the individuals within any group is so important to to your point. Thank you mean what does it. Where do you need to get people? Are had the get to so then they can go forward and do things in in zone. That's comfortable for them. was that was the. Exact with Aena Jenkins thinks I read where you you basically a book of awesome the only. Be! giving. When you had because need. You mean it was. Knee Jenkins's forgotten more about rugby than I'll ever know liking but. The kicking game was becoming more important than You know I hadn't felt okay. This is a this was I was thinking okay. So these kicking germs from getting fallen might be upheld. the great thing about new Jenkins's people like for everything. He's Donnie so humbled, and so he was you know he wanted to. But he learned and did things by doing so it was going out actually doing it with an expanding what I had in mind. The list of things that I was saying were useless. We're never going to work you. My Navy assaulted did, but he was only actually going into the into the barn, kicking them run that he went all Kanye's Star token, advising Donald, the something worth Yeah, you can use this and giving them not seeing enough at all. Saying told him anything, but it was. It was for me. That on my brand would sink drawing sketching. Things was not the with work for everybody. And then there are other people that you have to describe to the people who need to to do is you know those are just so many lessons? That was just fortunate to learn from being Ron's in different people Yeah Jeff Looking. Yanni Jenkins announced the. Guy. A lot of stuff that comes up with us as mental mental strength or resilience than in business, especially, watts..

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