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Veteran affairs is charged with caring for more than nine million former service members, which makes it one of the country's largest healthcare systems. And it's been hit hard by this latest spike in cases for each of the last nine days. It's set new records for active cases. Joining me now for a look at what's been happening at the mishandling of Cove it and what the Biden presidency might mean for veterans is Paul Rykoff. He's the founder of Iraq and Afghanistan. Veterans for America. He's also the host the pie crast, angry Americans, and he appears the new vice TV Siri's while the rest of us die with premieres next Monday at 10 P.m.. Paul. Thank you so much for accepting our invitation. Of course, cells in the great pleasure and honor to be with you and folks. If there's a veteran in your life, and your family would like to recognise today you could give us a call at any time during the segment, 6464357 to 80. 6464357280 or you can tweet to us on Twitter or sent us a message by Instagram are handled both places at all of it. W N Y. C and we're going to start off with some people close to our show to get us started. Our senior producer Andrea Duncan, Mao wanted to shout out her father, Donald, Corky Duncan. Who is a 91 year old African American careworn vets. So, Corky Thank you and our producer Jordan Law, who is in charge, Bar Get Look Book Club wanted to recognize her late grandfather, Jack. Who served with his three brothers in World War two. All four loft brothers survived the war and were recently added to the veterans. Walkway of Honor in Danbury, Connecticut. Jack Robert, Walt and Bill We recognize you listeners. Our lines are open now. So Paula, Let's talk about Koven. As of Tuesday, Tuesday night, the VA had recorded a new high number of 9343 cases of 54% in just the last two weeks. There have been more than 4100 deaths. Are there specific reasons why VA hospitals have seen such a big spike? Yes, primarily because President Trump has mishandled the entire pandemic response so that that spans everything from the CDC toe. Local hospitals, too, especially the Thie could have been the lead element in fighting Cove it they could have been out in front. They could have been an example and a real backstop. Instead, they were really stuck in all of the other failed strategies of the Trump Administration and Trump's lack of strategy. So you saw a lack of focus on testing. You saw a refusal to even recognize the scope and scale of the pandemic. A CZ right before we went on air. The president appeared at Arlington Cemetery at the wreath of the Unknown Soldier standing next to the Secretary Wilkie and Mike Pence. None of them are wearing masks, and this is 24. Hours ago, the secretary was quarantining himself. Because he was exposed to Kobe because he was with Ben Carson. So they failed to lead by example. They failed to be mobilized, and I think it's important politically to understand the secretary has been one of the most loyal supporters of the president. In my view, he's a political hack and should have resigned long ago, but everything that the president has done the A as cascaded reflected in calcified since the pandemic began. We do Think about VA hospitals, though, and VA healthcare what issues? Va. Hospital's face that differ from other hospitals. Well, they talk about covert, for example, you're dealing with with a much older population. You talked about your staff members, family members, You know, they are a reflection of who has treated at department Veterans Affairs. You've got about 20 million veterans in America. Most of them are older. Well, we're two veteran. Sadly, you're actually almost gone. Now it's Vietnam beds, Korean War vets, but they're older. They tend to have respiratory issues like Agent orange exposure. They have other pre existing conditions, and they depend on the for a lot of their care. So when the fails, it fails veterans, but it also fails Americans. You talked about that line on 23rd Street. Most New Yorkers probably don't know that at the height of the pandemic, the was supposed to be stood up to respond to overflow. When hospitals in Brooklyn all across the city were overflowing with Kogan patients. B A could have been spun up more aggressively to take on those patients. But they did. And that's part of why you saw backing up of the system, not just in New York City, but in a lot of other area urban areas around the country. So you asked, what can what can abide administration do they can finally recognize the virus and mobilized to be a to be not just reactive, but proact. Give and leave the way on our way through this pandemic and into the future. The federal departments government second largest department Behind the Department of Defense. So how much has the been involved in this administration's discussions on how to approach Cove? It? Not enough. We recently found out that be a secretary. Wilkie, Despite his loyalty to the president was not involved in the original cast force meetings. Think back to the early days of the pandemic, right? You saw press conferences with the CEO of CBS. You saw them my pillow guy. You saw all these folks really weren't prepared to respond to the virus at the very beginning. President should have been standing there with the secretary of defense, the secretary of Veterans affairs, the head of the CDC, a full mobilization of our country to fight what I think is the war of our time That didn't happen, and it went even further. You mentioned it. I think that that hydroxy Claure Quinn became ah, test that they ran on dying veterans. They use veterans, guinea pigs and a lot of the other, more troubling issues. The Trump administration their failure to recognize White nationalist, their failure to support women in LGBTQ, you people, all of those have cascaded down to the A is well, And so Wilkie is maybe more than any other administration Cabinet official a reflection of Donald Trump and enabler of Donald Trump. And at the end of the day, Alison that's cost lives has cost thousands of lives and it's costing them right now. I said the president really wants to support us on better Wednesday, where a damn mask Lead by example. It's the patriotic thing to do, and it will save the lives of World War, two veterans and countless others. Let's take some calls, Lee says, calling us from Cordele Newjersey Lisa, Thanks for calling all of it. Thank you for having me. I like to set out like that. Who was a World War two veteran in the U. S. Navy on DH. I was proud of him then and I'm still proud of him now and a proud and thankful for everyone. Who had served our country. Thank you for having me, Lisa. Thanks for calling and Leslie online to wants to give a shout out. Hi, Leslie. Thanks for calling all of it. Hi..

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