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Who's josh bows gray with. Two zero was like who wants it was like we both want it. Talking about max question bows that's great. He's very. he's very quick quick on the show true physically and mentally but are just look josh. Josh is about six when cds don with his seven so he stays with him at least in the edit but then c. t. does a puzzle before josh can even get that last piece and get down because all the practices with his daughter as his son. Some that me and my son do this for fun. The rhyme scheme. Maybe from dad little tricks. He's learning with being a dad. Now he just needs to learn how to be. Calmer with emotions are running high. Speaking of emotions running high not is reaction the entire episode. It josh losing now. I know john noni loves. Josh is a like loves him and he gets the respect from his peers. He gets a good exit. I think this is. Josh is best exit from the show. Absolutely it was. It was a nice little harming they could season josh. Good season it was it was nice. It was in how the sincerity of laps. You do. the end of a kid's soccer game when you have to like kid hands. Good game gamecube game. And then maybe you see your friend and your good gam new meaning a little bit more. He had the like a little bit. More sincerity on the good season. Then luke children's soccer obligatory congratulations in soccer game. It wasn't it wasn't mocking by any means it wasn't mocking wasn't like you were robbed of the fire. It was like this is the best you could have expected and you did well. I agree but nani equipped to show ya over it. It was bizarre. When when kyle came back they teamed up again and she was beaming laughing. Joking in my car okay. Like she was sad at the moment. But you know she's going to pick yourself up and be fine for the first cut back in the house and she's like having a full on mental breakdown maybe she does love him. That was a tense reaction. That like i feel like it's you don't have that reaction for a friend. I don't think. I don't know this is a woman who's in love with a man it. She just can't get her mind around the cheese in love with it. Maybe she's just not attracted visit josh. Good looking guy like maybe she's not. We've seen her type josh's on her type.

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