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Bronze medallist okay shawshank redemption the rock and it's a whole slew that which one is the brown on you hold on we got sounds and stuff for you yeah we got set number three yes the number three prison movie of all time according to yankee world champion hundred and eighty million dollar man mark to chair it is the rock choice god go yet married nncholas cage sean connery go higher on my list traditional prison mind but it's it was wait a minute what do you mean alcatraz prison but there weren't any inmates there were hostages this is well am knows i know but they played with the really like a chemical warfare john okay can i can i in here since i'm the guest the question sean connery was a prisoner it was taken out for this movie to make sure that he could get in get back into the rock into alcatraz i'm with share with you a prison movie like the rock is a huge prison movie and john connery was a prisoner mike ryan is obsessed with rules and control you are right you win on this most prison movies mean you have to try to break out of prison no one's crazy enough to break in okay do you want to re re ask the question what is the best movie about people breaking out of prison yes those same guitar question number i don't wanna do that one of the number to the silver medallist of best prison movies of all time according to yankee legend mark ditch era is.

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